Sunday, 6 November 2016

Week 280 Wrap Up

Quick, throw me the idol! Now throw me the whip! Okay, now throw me the gun holster. No, I don't need the gun, just the holster. Next, throw me the bag of sand. Good, now throw me the... hey, you're the one who offered to help me set this up. Wait, what was that you said? They're here?

Oh-oh, you're here already! Well, come in, come in! Don't worry about my comments about still setting things up; that's for a different display. The art gallery for tonight is all ready for your viewing pleasure! But I must warn you, only those of a more adventurous spirit may want to pass through these doors. For this week's gallery is not about staying at home or going through the daily grind. Nope, this week is for those wanting a vacation from all that, especially if it's an exciting adventure of a vacation!

So throw caution to the wind, and enter this grand temple to adventure!

Gallery for Week 280

01. Vaser888

Reaching up to touch the sky, ever flying up more high! - fetchbeer

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