Monday, 11 July 2011

Weekly Wrap Up 2

So here we are again. Week 2 is over! Already!

Where did the time go, eh? It seems like just yesterday that I was slaving away over a hot keyboard, trying to get all your entries together. How you've grown *sniff*

So, draw a pony representing a country was the theme this week. You lovely folks have managed to make 74 pretty patriotic ponies. They say authors are judged on the success of their second novel. Don't look now everypony, but I think we're doing OK :) It's been nice to see some folks really going to town on this theme, and some others taking the time to represent a country. In fact it reminds me of a European tradition that stretches back through the decades. Let me tell you of...

The Eurovision Song Contest

Yes! On one special day a year, all of Europe puts aside their differences and enters a terrible europop song into this contest, then every country tactically votes for their neighbouring countries. It's glorious and terrible. On the night of the final I invite everyone around to my house, where we get blind drunk and shockingly jingoistic. I can highly recommend it! Nothing beats a house packed full of crazy people shouting after each result is read out.

Mostly the entries are just terrible. The only saving grace for this festival of europomp is that one year this masterpiece was entered for Finland. Fillies and gentlecolts, I give you Lordi...

Enough frivolity! Time for the serious business of looking at ponies. Here's all the submission you guys have kindly drawn this week. Fabulous job! A great big thanks to everypony who submitted a picture this week. Those of you who didn't, I want to see your pics next week, okay? If you get stuck for ideas, want a hand with anything or are just having a crisis of faith, send me or any of the admins a note on DevArt.

We're here to help you folks get better at drawing, give us a chance to :D

Massive thanks to Argembarger for providing us with the banner up top! If you have a banner for us, send it in and we'll rotate between them.

If you've stumbled across this blog and you're wondering what's going off, head over to our DeviantArt page and join in!

1 RydelFox (Better redesign than the film? I think so! -Nullh)  
2 VirgaRainboom (So... shiny... -Lunar Apologist)  
3 Haccicat (I like that Canada's food is a waffle. With maple syrup, I presume? -Lunar Apologist)  
4 Delta939 (I want that hat SO BAD! -Nullh)  
5 Fribox   
6 Baisre (Very pretty! I'd quite like to hear how you made this -Nullh)  
7 041744   
8 CCTheEevee   
9 Invidlord (So this: -Nullh)  
10 Sir-Dangereaux (Comin' again to save the motherf---in' day, yeah! -Lunar Apologist) 
Mature content. Click through to DevArt 

11 Rydelfox (Did you just summon Spike in one turn? That's against the rules, isn't it? -Lunar Apologist)  
12 LyxanderThePony   
13 Otherunicorn (Is the flyswatter for the unholy amount of venomous bugs native to that Celestia-forsaken land? -Lunar Apologist)  
14 DarkKnightWolf2011   
15 demented-Mr-Paulsen (COMRADES. -Lunar Apologist)  
16 demented-Mr-Paulsen   
17 Dinoburger   
18 KuroiTsubasaTenshi   
19 BishopOfWar (It's a submission, and a tute! You win a prize, sir! -Nullh)  
20 DI-FL   
21 FoxOfWar (No idea why, but your ponies remind me of G1 ones -Nullh)  
22 Bananizen (I would pay cash monies for a toy like this. -Lunar Apologist)  
23 Maquark   
24 Project-hedgecat (Brohooves for my UK bronies! Now I have Big Country in my head -Nullh)  
25 UltraFamicom   
26 Chromadancer (Wow, I bet getting those stars in her mane is a real pain in the flank! -Lunar Apologist)  
27 Argembarger (If Japan ever does their own version of the show, I'd demand it included this. -Lunar Apologist)  
28 SamuelEAllen (Le Gasp! Such betrayal, Fluttershy! -Lunar Apologist)  
29 Tsutanai-Neko   
30 Egophiliac (Good stuff as always! How are you so talented? You bathe in other artists blood, right? -Nullh)  
31 al03480049   
32 lunarapologist   
33 MoonlightScribe (You Scots are showing up us southerners! -Nullh)  
34 MoonlightScribe (English Rose needs more tins of lager and barely controlled kids :/ -Nullh)  
35 AmbroseButtercrust (Love this style! Duck Soup was great -Nullh)  
36 Atlur (I think even without the French flag, this would have been a great pun :) -Lunar Apologist)  
37 Capriphon (Djibouti! Also, cool design! -Lunar Apologist)  
38 robkickflipman   
39 Alipes (Alipes battled through personal injury to bring us this sketch. I doff my cap -Nullh)  
40 Rhanoa (Ou est le piscine? -Nullh)  
41 LifeSequenceBreak (I like this! As-is, it's got a very Southern Song Dynasty/Chan Buddhist feel to it. Very nice! -Lunar Apologist)  
42 DespisedAndBeloved   
43 kitsuneymg (Oh, you! -Lunar Apologist)  
44 hip-indeed (Got some sick moves, son! -Lunar Apologist)  
45 RaspleZS   
46 Wolferahm   
47 Naytree   
48 AQNichols   
49 Moabite (Does this remind anyone else of the Bayou Tapestry? -Nullh)  
50 Nullh (I see you decided that if this was going to be political, you'd take the pun all the way ;) -Lunar Apologist)  
51 Easteu (I am in love with this! -Nullh)  
52 Necrodios (I had no idea Georgia was named after St. Geroge. OMG LERNIN' -Nullh)  
53 yiKOmega (Oh my gosh! This is the best crossover. -LunarApologist)  
54 Fetchbeer   
55 yiKOmega (Carrotdog! -Nullh)  
56 NonoPony (I was expecting more orange, but I like it! -Lunar Apologist)  
57 Shockblock99 (This is a landmass I had not considered! Poor Antarctica -Lunar Apologist)  
58 GonzaHerMeg (I love the colors you've got going, here! -Lunar Apologist)  
59 ohthatandy   
60 Invidlord (I can't decide if this would be the best place to live, or the worst. -Lunar Apologist)  
61 LeafGrowth   
62 Delta-Pangaea (LONG LIVE THE LUNAR REPUBLIC! -Lunar Apologist)  
63 Jeff Martinez   
64 Jeff Martinez (Dracula pony! I love it! -Lunar Apologist)  
65 TerribleTransit (This amused me way more than it should have! -Lunar Apologist)  
66 Prismatic-Pretzel   
67 Rumikoholic (This is adorable! -Lunar Apologist)  
68 Tecknojock (Lovely stuff. I'm a total sucker for pencil work! -Nullh)  
69 LegendaryM4n  
Mature content. Click through to DevArt 

70 Fox-E   
71 CrunchNugget (Poor Derpy. She just wants us all to get along! :( -Lunar Apologist)  
72 PVRyohei (Fun fact: Hetalia is the best history comedy anime ever. -Lunar Apologist)  
73 ReadToasts (This is awesome art, AND your post was informative! I like it :) -Lunar Apologist)  
74 Fatum--Inanis (Just got it in :D -Nullh)  
75 Muffinsforever   

Here's a few folks who missed the deadline. Enjoy!

76 animewitch920   
77 Plinky799   
78 Plinky799   
79 Plinky799   


  1. ...

  2. Ugh. I went out to eat and lost 20 minutes, I would of been on time if I hadn't.

  3. Yaaaay! Mine got in!
    I drew it as a flagpole. They're always eagles. I wonder if other countries have different animals on them?

    In any case, Amareica's hairstyle was inspired by Marelyn Monroe. Sorta. She's also an "eagle pegasus," an endangered species!

  4. @Muffinsforever - Our leniency knows no bounds! Check the last entry ;)

  5. Lots of love for number 48. I love the greek vase look.

  6. Oh, Nullh, you so magnanimous.

    I got #62 this time. And a comment! I feel special!

  7. I gotta admit, the Stephen Harper One made me laugh. I thought only a mother could love our Prime Minister's face, but it looks like ponies do too.

  8. Numbers 6, 30, 48, 49, 50, 53, 54, 55, 58, and 67 win the Phoe Seal of Approval. If you are not among those listed, please check your desks. I'm so tired I can't see straight, and I'm just kind of slamming the thing around wherever I can reach. It's hard to hold onto it with these clumsy hooves...

    I should be in bed, I know. But it's a gallery night! I have to be up! I've never ever missed one...

  9. Mosquitoes, flies, gnats, beetles - all unwelcome visitors on a summer evening. So a fly swat is the essential fashion statement.

  10. #21 here. My ponies probably remind you of G1 because while I never drew G1 ponies aside from couple sketches, I have drawn(or tried to, anyway) equines for as long as I have drawn. G4 have really small snouts and it's neigh-impossible to entirely shake out of my drawing, or drawing style. My style ended up being a composite of G4 and a more realistic style of drawing equines(in regards to snout and leg joints/muscles, mostly).

    Hard Rock Hallelujah was indeed pretty awesome. Proud to be Finnish in that regard! :D

    Pretty interesting ideas floating about this time as well. I approve the effort :D

  11. 65, and slightly confused as to why the old version is up. Someone kindly corrected me that the version you see had insufficient cupcakes. Ah well. Lots of good art today. Less good humor than I like to see, but that should be remedied for next week.

    Random favorites, for no particular reason (picking out a few is hard when everyone is awesome!): #57, #50, #36, #30, #9.

  12. Oh, my banner is up there now.


    #27, though. Could have been better :I

  13. Updated with a few who missed the deadline, taking us up to 79 subs!
    @Aregembarger - 'twas a pleasure!
    @FoxOfWar - I see, that makes sense :)
    @A Terrible Person - Sorry, must have copied an older thumb. Should be updated now.

  14. @Delta Pangaea - *Looks up magnanimous* :D
    @Phoe - Hey Phoe! That's some excellent commitment! (Feels weird saying it back xD)

  15. "You bathe in other artists blood, right?"

    Ahh, so that's Ego's secret...

    *gets a butcher knife*

    Also, yay I got a comment! I feel worthy again!

  16. *reads Phoe's comment*

    Nevermind, I feel unworthy again. :(

  17. #70 this week, with an image based off two pics by Bamboo Dog. Go look at them, they far surpass my little bit of fan art.

    @FoxOfWar I have the same issue regarding anatomy, I'm so used to normal feral anatomy and proportions in art that it keeps leaking through into G4 stuff I draw. Learning new styles is weird. D=

    @Argembarger I <3 your banner.

  18. I though I posted this already. Apparently not.

    #s 1 and 11 here.
    Screw the rules, I'm a pony!

  19. I love Lordi! Awesome band!

    Also great job again everypony. So much creativity out there! I was hoping for some Hetalia XD

  20. Country ponies?