Sunday, 24 July 2011

Weekly Wrap Up 4

Howdy, everypony! I know it's got my name at the top here, but this week's post will actually be done by some of our newest admins: Argembarger and Fetchbeer! Give them a hoof!

Hay everypony! That was week 4, come and gone already. Miss it, yet?

I do. :'(

So, yes, this is Argembarger and Fetchbeer, handling the wrap-up! There have been some dynamic shifts in leadership in these last few days, but we're working extra hard to keep things running smoothly, so rest assured! This is still the happy-go-lucky, carefree ATG you know and love. Really, what's wrong with a little tyrannical dictatorship now and again? The corporal punishment and reduced rations will make you more resiliant! And mandatory pony output quotas? Well, who doesn't love pony, am I right?

In fact, we love pony so much, that we've managed to collectively put out 95 high-quality pictures of them!

And all of them are inspired by music! Just to remind all of you how great it is to live and work in a society that graciously and benevolently allows you to remember what music sounds like.

Anyway, Fetchbeer is better with the typing-talk speaky-words than I am, so I'm going to pass it over to him for a spell.


Another week has reached it's end,
And all your efforts I must commend.
So many ponies by song inspired,
Are sitting here to be admired.

Whether it be by opera or by rock,
To music they all do flock.
Some dance around in wild gyration,
Others sit in quiet contemplation.

Each pony was drawn with love and care,
And I'm so glad you all did share.
Every week I see how much you have improved,
And by this I am deeply moved.


Thank you for that, Fetchbeer, you're as eloquent as always! I, too, am touched to the core by this week's collection.

That's about all I have to say, really. Everypony should report to the courtyard and await announcement of next week's theme at this time. It'll be fun! We can all play the Standing Still And Quietly game. I'm the world champion! Betcha can't beat me!

Oh yes, one more thing. A sincere thanks to Prismatic-Pretzel for providing us with this week's banner. If budget allows, Prismatic-Pretzel will be recieving extra rations tomorrow.

If you aren't a part of our wonderful and friendly organization, why not? You should rectify that situation! Go here, and sign up to become a part of something truly great!

Anyhow, this is Argembarger and Fetchbeer signing out. See you ponies later!

1 Hacchicat (Poor Dashie! -Argembarger)

2 DarkKnightWolf2011

3 GonzaHerMeg (So THAT'S why Pinkie owns a suit -Atlur)

4 FoxOfWar

5 KuroiTsubasaTenshi (Happy Twi! We need more Chrono-inspired pony art -Atlur)

6 Goggle Sparks (Liking the grown-up Spike! -Lunar Apologist)

7 Hacchicat

8 DarkKnightWolf2011 (So many balloons O_o -Argembarger)

9 ArcticIceBreaker

10 paulinaghost

11 Invidlord

12 KuroiTsubasaTenshi

13 Samuel E Allen (yay! -Lunar Apologist)

14 LyxanderThePony (Twilight should probably invest in a holster case for that! -Argembarger)

15 TheCrackerBrony (I think you really captured that song with this! -Lunar Apologist)

16 Moabite (Looks like a nice, refreshing rain - I wish I was in it! -Lunar Apologist)

17 RydelFox

18 KuroiTsubasaTenshi

19 UltraFamicom (Draw some ponies, like a BOSS -Atlur)

20 DarkKnightWolf2011

21 ColinMLP (Not pictured: Ganon's Castle -Argembarger)

22 otherunicorn

23 FoxOfWar

24 SmockHobbes (So glowy! *_* -Atlur)

25 bananizen

26 demented-Mr-Paulsen

27 DI-FL (So sad! Especially with the little story -Argembarger)

28 lozfoe444

29 bluefiresword

30 toonboy92484

31 ecmc1093

DarkKnightWolf2011 (And a band of Diamond Dogs joined it and it sounded something like this - Atlur)

33 TheCrackerBrony

34 Chromadancer (I imagine that her cutie mark on the other side is orange -Atlur)

35 DarkKnightWolf2011

36 NikkuWalkanov (Les Miserables? Yes, please! -Lunar Apologist)

37 FoxOfWar

38 imnotparanoid68 (Comrade Fluttershy is watching you! That is, erm, if you don't mind... -Argembarger)

39 RaspleZS

40 Naytree

41 DarkKnightWolf2011

42 bananizen

43 Atlur

44 Argembarger (This... only raises more questions! D: -Lunar Apologist)

45 Invidlord

46 KUROGUAUGUAU (Epic showdown time! -Argembarger)

47 Prismatic-Pretzel

48 Alipes (Would Rarity be the diamond knight? Her mark is right, but I don't think she'd fight. -Fetchbeer)

49 Easteu (This is a very interesting take on her mane! -Lunar Apologist)

50 Sir-Daengereaux (Man, we are just all about the musicals tonight! I approve! -Lunar Apologist)

51 MoonlightScribe

52 MoonlightScribe (I love pictures of the guards having fun -Atlur)

53 MoonlightScribe

54 RydelFox (Now I want to see the robot pony wars -Atlur)

55 MateusUK (I see what you did there, hehe -Argembarger)

56 tenchisamoshi

57 TheRecliner27 (This song was about the English version, to which I think Derpy has an aversion. -Fetchbeer)

58 amnal

59 Arcifinious (The name of this comic wins you internets! -Lunar Apologist)

60 RaspleZS

61 hip-indeed (Follow that rainbow explosion in the sky, when you reach your home not an eye will be dry. -Fetchbeer)

62 colinMLP

63 DarkKnightWolf2011

64 ohthatandy

65 DarkKnightWolf2011 (A Clockwork Orange ruined this song for me, but this might make it better! -Argembarger)

66 grayscalerain ( ( ) was an amazing album! *Brohoof* for referencing! -Lunar Apologist)

67 AQNichols

68 ShoutingRyan (It's against the law to steal the mail, I hope they like their time in jail. -Fetchbeer)

69 Argembarger

70 DarkKnightWolf2011 (Why is it that we so enjoy ruining her hair? Surely only Rainbow Dash would dare. -Fetchbeer)

71 LittleMonster125

72 Nullh (Who will catch this falling Fluttershy, on more butterflies can we rely? -Fetchbeer)

73 TheRecliner27

74 bananizen

75 Windfall Pony (Now I'm sad :( -Lunar Apologist)

76 necrodios (Love the lighting effects you've got going on, here! -Lunar Apologist)

77 Philith (My parents wonder why to barbers I don't go, if I could become a pie then a haircut I'll forgo. -Fetchbeer)

78 Riokenng3

79 DarkKnightWolf2011

80 DespisedAndBeloved

81 AmbroseButtercrust

82 kirbycolours (By a cello she's been surprised, for her it seems a bit oversized. -Fetchbeer)

83 VirgaRainboom

84 Fatum--Inanis

85 LeafGrowth

86 Tecknojock


88 larrle (Didn't anyone lock up the cloning machine? Gosh. -Argembarger)

89 TerribleTransit

90 DarkKnightWolf2011

91 Wolferahm (This... works much better than it should! -Lunar Apologist)

92 Delta-Pangaea (Oh my! -Lunar Apologist)

93 Jeff Martinez

94 Fetchbeer (Is that... Scootabird? -Argembarger)

95 Fox-E (Can't... stop... watching... -Lunar Apologist)

96 Muffinsforever


  1. I derped and came in 10 minutes late.

    Stupid clock.

    These are all awesome bytheway.

  2. Woot! Thank you! I thought I was doomed when you said you guys went to bed.

    I feel like doing what she is doing in 95 right now :P

  3. @Muffinsforever

    No, that was just me that went to bed.

    I am posting in my sleep right now.

    *realistic snoring noises*

  4. Everypony, I just want to say that week after week, you all amaze me. I know right now I'm pretending to be all dictatorial and crazy on DA (we'll be wrapping up that "storyline" soon, not to worry!), but I mean it when I say it here. You all are doing so well, and it really makes me proud to be a part of such an amazing group of bronies. :)

    *Brohoof*, all. You deserve it :)

  5. These are all awesome. I'm going to have to vectorize mine (#89) at some point, so I can turn it into a wallpaper... and just to improve it in general. For today, though, I just really wanted to work with a physical medium.

  6. Bamf. #92 Here.

    I still can't believe I made that. I swear, some fairy musta come in, drawn it, planted memories of me drawing it, and then buggered off.

    I love you all so much. I'm in a huggy mood now. Anyone want a hug? How 'bout you, Lunar? Help ya shake off that mean ol' beastie...

  7. #4, #23 and #37 here.

    This was a downright awesome theme, as I've already said a few times: had this lasted longer I'd probably propelled out half a dozen other song-inspired pics(not that three for one theme is not really that few either I suppose). Suppose those ideas will come out later on when I get the drive again. Which, knowing myself, won't take really that long. (Fluttershy is just asking for a Lemon Tree -inspired pic.)

    Great pics, and this week also gave me a lot of new and interesting music to listen to!

  8. *returns Lunar's brohoof* ^__^

    #66 here.

    The production on it was quite harrowing, and half way through I didn't think I was going to make it on time, but there you go. It all worked out in the end.

    I also had ideas for Glosoli and Hoppipola (both from Takk...), but I felt that those were better translated into comic form, as the ideas were too big for me to pull off in a week. XD Maybe some other time, ne?

  9. #75 here
    Some very interesting and awesome submissions this week, I'm glad to see people are still active after all this time.

  10. Virga Rainboom25 July 2011 at 11:33

    @Nullh, #72!!!
    *Alerts Rainbow Dash and the Wonderbolts! Six sonic rainbooms converge into an upwards coursing, spiraling funnel to reverse her fall!. Dashie creates another on the banking turn she makes to catch Fluttershy and gently ease her to a cloud deck.*

    *Applejack tucks Applebloom into bed* "And that's how Equestria was destroyed."

    Nice drawing! :)

  11. There's something just really great about waking up on Mondays and seeing these posts. It's just like waking up every day during the original ATG and despite the initial groggy, horrible feeling that I knew I was going to have to pump out another picture and try my best to make it look good by the end of the day, logging on EqD and seeing those awesome posts full of amazing artwork and happy, inspiring comments made everything just soooo much better and made me so very proud to be a part of such a community.

    I'll say it a million times; I love you guys.

  12. 17 and 54 here

    @Atlur - You won't have to worry about that, I'm planning on doing comics of the whole song!

  13. #55 here

    love these drawings I agree the theme was just awesome, wish I had done another drawing for this :c loving A-ha, Horse with no name and all the 80s songs :3

  14. Ah those rations may or may not have been theoretically delicious. Possibly thanks.