Sunday, 3 July 2011

Weekly Wrap Up 1

Pencils down, everypony!

That's it! Week one of the Artist Training Grounds Alumni challenge is over. How did you do? I still had barely enough time because I'm awful at planning. Trufax: I wrote my dissertation in five days. By the end I was so strung out on caffeine I was apparently pacing around our flat's kitchen mumbling. Good times!

Well folks, you can consider the monocle well and truly propelled across the room. We've had 120 submissions from you for the main theme. That's amazing! I wasn't sure if folks were going to get behind this little venture, so seeing so many brilliant pony pics trickling in over the past week has been a complete pleasure. Thanks for taking the time to pony-up!

There's some amazing pictures in this bunch! Well done to everyone who contributed this week. From the mini masterpieces to the quickest little sketch every one is a commitment of your time to improving your art. Congratulations!

We've had a ton of submissions from some members this week. Well done! I've decided since this is our first week, and there were so many themes to play with, that I'd just put them all in! Well done you diligent bronies!

Just a quick word on the next theme. We'll keep the theme announcements over on DeviantArt and separate from the weekly wrap ups. There will be a bit of a gap between the wrap-up posting and the theme going up. Fret not! 'Tis all part of the plan.

So, without further prevarication; pictures of ponies...

UPDATE: Forgot to mention that this week is for catching up on any previous ATG theme. The new themes are now up on our main page at DeviantArt!

1 Alipes (Pinkie Pie is a witch! -Kits)  
2 DarkKnightWolf2011 (The first of many! -Nullh)  
3 kitsuneymg   
4 purpletrauma (Down ze hole! - Nullh)  
5 Maquark (Glass Armonica :) -Kits)  
6 FoxOfWar (Number 1 in points! Cheerleader Luna may be my favourite Luna xD -Nullh)  
7 Rhanoa   
8 lozfoe444 (She looks so happy! -Kits)  
9 Tsutanai-Neko (But Pinkie, there's no need to chop anything for this recipie /:| -Nullh)  
10 lozfoe444 (Sketchy. Nice! - Nullh)  
11 AbroseButtercrust   
12 Invidlord (Excellent pun! You win 1 internet -Kits)  
13 RydelFox (Heh, drool. I can relate - Nullh)  
14 otherunicorn (How does she walk? -Kits)  
15 hgraves (Sculptures! Awesome! -Nullh)  
16 Philith (Evil dances not included - Nullh)  
17 demented-Mr-Paulsen   
18 AQNichols   
19 JunaECBS   
20 Amehdaus   
21 Sir-Dangereaux (xD yay! -Kits)  
22 SamuelEAllen   
23 DarkKnightWolf2011   
24 ColinMLP (Bikinis, eh? -Nullh)  
25 yikOmega (Do not MESS with Derpy's muffin! -Kits)  
26 MoonlightScribe   
27 AmbroseButtercrust   
28 Chromadancer   
29 hgraves (I think I'm a little scared of Twilight now 8| -Nullh)  
30 LuridChronomancer   
31 DarkKnightWolf2011   
32 darth-franny (So many from you Darth! And they're all quite lovely :) Thanks! -Nullh)  
33 darth-franny   
34 darth-franny   
35 darth-franny   
36 darth-franny   
37 darth-franny   
38 darth-franny   
39 darth-franny   
40 darth-franny   
41 darth-franny   
42 Naytree (BOING -Nullh)  
43 DarkKnightWolf2011   
44 yikOmega (Well done resisting calling this pic Fluttercry. I failed miserably xD -Nullh)  
45 Dr-Octognomopus (Steampunk pony! YAY! -Nullh)  
46 Argembarger   
47 DI-FL (Some language, not bad. COMIX! -Nullh) 
Adult Content. Click through to DevArt 

48 Wolferahm (How horrifying! -Kits)  
49 DarkKnightWolf2011   
50 robkickflipman (In fairness, I laughed too! -Nullh)  
51 SpiritofthwWolf   
52 Jeff Martinez   
53 darth-franny   
54 CrunchNugget (YESSSSSSSSS -Nullh)  
55 darth-franny   
56 FoxOfWar   
57 KuroiTsubabaTenshi (MOAR COMIX! -Nullh)  
58 RaspleZS (I ain't sure about the despair :) -Nullh)  
59 Easteu (Lovely, lovely stuff! -Nullh)  
60 kitsuneymg   
61 TheRecliner27   
62 Woferahm (I have no idea :) -Nullh)  
63 DarkKnightWolf2011   
64 hayhedgehoghay (Moohoohahahaaa -Nullh)  
65 MoonlightScribe (Carrot horn! -Nullh)  
66 Argembarger   
67 JunaECBS   
68 Fetchbeer (She's PLOTting something ;) -Nullh)  
69 Chromadancer   
70 DarkKnightWolf2011   
71 JeffMartinez (dshjfgljhdsnqvblk! Sorry. My Dawww circuit overloaded -Kits)  
72 JeffMartinez (Two in a row! Need to get a cuteness surge protector -Kits)  
73 JeffMartinez (I long to do a similar thing. Derpy, you are a lucky mare. -Kits)  
74 KuroiTsubasaTenshi   
75 DarkKnightWolf2011   
76 Fox-E (Dash is unimpressed with my slipshod attempts at this site. Can't blame her! -Nullh)  
77 Delta-Pangaea   
78 DarkKnightWolf2011   
79 fribox   
80 Maquark   
81 McGack   
82 Atlur   
83 WindfallPony   
84 Nullh   
85 lunarapologist   
86 Moabite (I put her down as a WoW head -Nullh)  
87 MoonlightScribe (Me either! -Nullh)  
88 DespisedAndBeloved   
89 Massyr (That pose! Fantastic xD -Nullh)  
90 RydelFox   
91 yiKOmega   
92 al03480049   
93 DarkKnightWolf2011   
94 JeffMartinez   
95 JeffMartinez   
96 PastelPony (Upsetting :D -Nullh)  
97 StarlightBolt (Nice line work. Well done! -Nullh)  
98 kitsuneymg   
99 AbroseButtercrust (Depth of field. Cool! -Nullh)  
100 Invidlord (I made a lol -Nullh)  
101 JeffMartinez   
102 Randomjack32 (It's every man for Fluttershy in this pony's army! -Nullh)  
103 UltraFamicom (Curse you Derpy! -Nullh)  
104 ReadToasts (I get the feeling Twilight is better at drumming than me :) -Nullh)  
105 VirgarianRainboom (WEEEEEEEE! -Nullh)  
106 Argembarger   
106 Argembarger   
107 JeffMartinez   
108 JeffMartinez   
109 JeffMartinez   
110 PVRyohei   
111 Muffinsforever (Brushie brushie -Nullh)  
112 Prismatic-Pretzel   
113 Fatum--Inanis (Is this a reference to something? I suck so bad -Nullh)  
114 necrodios   
115 KuroiTsubasaTenshi (Soft shaded pencils? High-hoofs for you xD -Nullh)  
116 A1CZERO (This turned out great. Good job! -Nullh)  
117 LifeSequenceBreak (Man I don't watch enough anime -Nullh)  
118 JeffMartinez   
119 JeffMartinez   
120 JeffMartinez (Jeff you're a madman! Put down the pencil! (Don't!) -Nullh)  


  1. Thanks so much for contributing everypony!

    It's 2:00am here. So GOODNIGHT!

    You all did simply FANTASTIC XD

  2. Well this went well.

    #77, here. I promised Lyra Plot, and I delivered. :D

  3. It all looks so amazing! I'm going to search through all these deviations and comment on each and every one. Or die trying!

  4. #79 Spelled my name wrong :P Its fribox.
    Thanks for the dedication though guys, great job putting this together!

  5. It's amazing how a week can seem so long, until the last day, when you realize that you just blew the week watching shows, reading fics, playing LoL or sleeping.

    I'm so happy that the event marches onwards!

    Now if I could spend a week on one piece instead of not even 20 hours, hmmm...

  6. *snif* Phoe-style ATG post, oh I missed them so much! Still mechanically Checking EqD around this time every day.

    Great work everypony! And my sincerest thanks to our hard working admins.

  7. sorry I didn't get to those of you who submitted towards the end. We basically have to comment and then message nullh the comments and he has to inline them manually.

    I suck at scripting apparently

  8. My heart aches to look at this gallery. I want to do more again. I want to do it so badly...

    Way to go, everypony.

  9. >>14 otherunicorn (How does she walk? -Kits)

    The answer: very badly!

  10. Awesome catching up, everypony. I missed watching through these amazing piles o' arts, already.(N' ponies!)

    #58: it seems I'm not the only who was inspired by certain Luna fic. *sheepish grin*

    Now, to figure out if I can actually draw somepony ELSE than Luna for a change...(all recent hints and hunches point to: "Maybe.")

  11. @Phoe aww I know how you feel Phoe but it's glad to see you here :D

    Also great job everypony! Not as much at the EQ Daily one but still a good amount of submissions. Didn't do to well on my part though(#88)

    Going to try better next time. Stay strong Bronies! :3

  12. #113 whoo!
    Despite having the whole week, I drew that entirely after 6 pm today.
    Also, there's no reference, so don't feel bad! I actually re-did my OC pony from the first day, with mostly the same stance as before.

    @Phoe Someday, someday...

  13. Yay everyone! Just FYI, the link on #105 is broken for some reason, but it shows up in the group gallery fine.

  14. Nice to see that we've gathered so many new participants along the way. Good job everypony!

    Uh, Jeff? Do you actually sleep at all between drawings?

  15. @fribox Sorry! Fixed it :D
    @Ambrose #105 is fixed. I think it got re-uploaded
    @phoe We miss you Phoe!

  16. #46, 66 and 106 reporting in.

    There are two 106es. Wat hapen?

    Anyway, cool times.

  17. #59 here.
    Oh it feels so good to be in one of these again.
    This collection is amazing as is everypony involved in its creation.
    I must pony up and actually comment on all these numerous pictures that I like.
    (Why is it so hard to write comments, is it just me? I know perfectly well from my own expirience that there is no need to come up with anything fancy. A simple "I like it!" is enough to lighten author's day a bit. Yet too often I find myself trying to comment in not-so-mechanical manner, failing at it, and not commenting at all. I'm really sorry about this.)

    We await your command! Um.. I mean when you'll feel like it, if thats ok.

  18. I feel alive once again!
    Congratulations to all for participating! XD
    Can't wait to see next weekend submissions! ^^

  19. @Argembarger Wat? 2 lots of Super Meat Boy not enough for you?

  20. @Nullh

    Only if you're confident that it won't cause a resonance cascade and lead to the end of us all

  21. Virga Rainboom4 July 2011 at 12:21

    Oooo...Nullh and Kits comments to covet! 20% more awesome than Phoe comments and it only took the two of you to break the barrier. :) Thanks for carrying on in the great Phoe tradition. I can only imagine how much work this must be for you ponies. I promise, promise, promise to go through the directory this week and comment. Right now I am working on Twilight Sparkle for the 4th!

    Happy Twilight Sparkles to you! *Swish...Boom!* Vote Twilight Sparkle as the patron pony of the 4th of July!

    ...and maybe Rainbow Dash, too!

  22. Virga Rainboom4 July 2011 at 12:28

    @Phoe! Of course only our Great and Powerful Princess Phoe can wrangle the mighty comment keys with the proper and regale authority.

    (Ducks down behind a pastry table dragging Rainbow Dash with her: Shoot, didn't see her in here. Don't know how I could miss her with her radiate glow and blinding presence!)

  23. Virga Rainboom4 July 2011 at 12:32

    @Delta Pangaea #77
    In the great NATG tradition you suckered me in with the ol' promise of Plot. You delivered, but as usual noting is what you expect around ponies. Very good! Thanks!

  24. @Argembarger I forgot about the resonance cascade!
    @Virga Rainboom - I beg to differ. We are a poor, poor imitation of the shining example of the mighty and merciful Phoe.

  25. 92 here, also mfw this was amazingly posted like the original ATG

  26. I guess it's going to be a tradition with me to miss the first entry on this type of thing. Had an "unexpected" (read: "oh right, I remember talking about that") trip sneak up on me during the days I was planning on cramming my submission. Oh well, hopefully I'll be able to get in on future ones. Nice job on these entries, everybody. They look great!

  27. #19 and #67...
    Ah... how I missed this! I felt so... unproductive... so... worthless... so... lonely (in my pony love)...
    But, now, that's gone, and I'm back! Top shape! *woohoo*

    As I used to try to list my favourites back then, I'll try to comment about them. But now that we're all on DA, I'll comment on their pictures! Let's see if I can do this! See ya, people!

  28. @Virga Rainboom

    Thanks for telling us sweet, sweet lies. But you should stick to more believable ones in the future.

    Just for reference: This event takes place at 2:00 am Monday morning for me. So I can only comment on pic that show up before, oh 11:00 pm Sun evening or so. If I wasn't so busy doing all my OTHER pony related stuff, I'd leave comments on DA too.
    Still going to try...

  29. Well I'll jump into this with all hoooves like I did last time but this is more manageable for me because of my job.

  30. Yesssssssssssss........
    More practice!
    I love training grounds.

  31. Woo! Hello new visitors from Equestria Daily!
    If you're looking to join the group scroll alllllllll the way up to the top and hit up the DeviantArt link :)

  32. Heh I just noticed I am 112 here and was 221 on the first day of the old training grounds.