Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Week 5 Bonus Theme

Good evening, everypony! Lunar Apologist here, and while it's not the end of another week just yet, it is the end of another theme!

And what an end it was! It seems you all really got into this besocked pony thing - turning in an impressive 98 entries total! Give yourselves a hoof, everypony!

As always, the number of variations on the theme and level of skill shown by everyone is nothing short of awe-inspiring! I find it amazing that even on a "bonus" theme, we're almost breaking 100 entries!

Though, I do wonder why so many of your ponies were so eager to pull off those socks you'd just given them! Do... do ponies not actually like socks, I wonder? That would be a real shame, if it were true! A nice fuzzy pair of socks is pretty much the best thing - those ponies are missing out!

Anyway, enough of my rambling! On with the art!

1 imnotparanoid68 (Sockception! -Lunar Apologist)

2 imnotparanoid68

3 DarkKnightWolf2011 (I would watch her show - Atlur)

4 Sir-Dangereaux

5 lozfoe444 (By socks this pony is confused, but that leads to us being amused. - Fetchbeer)

6 DarkKnightWolf2011

7 Moabite

8 ColinMLP (There's nothing weird about the comforting warmth of socks. -Phoe)

9 aoshistark

10 RydelFox (Wing socks! - Atlur)

11 danis2005 (Why do these socks cause embarrassment, they make Twilight look more intelligent. - Fetchbeer)

12 fribox

13 hayhedgehoghay (I like your style - Atlur)

14 FilipinoNinja95 (Great parody choice - Atlur)

15 maxnero22 (If of socks Dash so disapproves, how did they end up on her hooves? - Fetchbeer)

16 hgraves

17 peperoger (Sleepy socks. So cute! - Atlur)

18 peperoger

19 DiZaster321

20 KuroiTsubasaTenshi

21 DarkKnightWolf2011

22 Manden (Those are some fancy stockings! I suppose a Princess gets the very best! -Lunar Apologist)

23 larrle (These fillies slide across the floor, wearing socks that I adore. - Fetchbeer)

24 sawsta (Such a tiny pony in a big sock! Eeeeee! - Atlur)

25 DarkKnightWolf2011

26 Goggle Sparks (Proving that Derpy is still best mom. -Lunar Apologist)

27 EricaC78

28 hip-indeed

29 Tsutanai-Neko (Pinkie Pie is throwing laundry, while Rainbow Dash is in a quandary. - Fetchbeer)

30 WillDrawForFood1

31 AQNichols

32 KellieK94 (The socks made music lessons difficult, but little Octavia's teachers could never bring themselves to tell her to take them off. -Phoe)

33 Invidlord

34 DespisedAndBeloved

35 SamuelEAllen (Poor Derpy by homophones is confused, Rarities language can be excused. - Fetchbeer)

36 tg737

37 JunaECBS

38 DarkKnightWolf2011

39 peperoger (I was hoping she'd work a fifth one on there somewhere. -Phoe)

40 KuroiTsubasaTenshi

41 DarkKnightWolf2011

42 PineappleSam (Sock monster! Ahh! - Atlur)

43 grilledcat (How did this pony get her head in there, surely nopony else has such trouble with footwear. - Fetchbeer)

44 WindfallPony

45 egophiliac (I think you'll agree we need more of these! -Phoe)

46 egophiliac

47 DI-FL (Entering my personal canon... nnnnow. -Phoe)
Linked for saucy!

48 DarkKnightWolf2011

49 allanah

50 KUROGUAUGUAU (Fluttershy looks amazing comfortable. -Phoe)

51 TerribleTransit (Peekaboo! :D - Atlur)

52 TerribleTransit (Oh the puns! -Lunar Apologist)

53 tenchisamoshi

54 WillDrawForFood1 (You silly pony Applejack, for fashion you have no knack. - Fechbeer)

55 necrodios (This mod must now be made! -Lunar Apologist)

56 Doppelgangsta (Ohmygosh, I want a tiny Twilight for Christmas! :D -Lunar Apologist)

57 Rhanoa

58 GiantMosquito

59 PajiPants

60 Alipes (Fluttershy in her stockings is very stunning, though she seems embarrassed and is blushing. - Fetchbeer)

61 MoonlightScribe

62 MoonlightScribe

63 Moabite (Awesome style and adorable Derpy. Amazing! :D -Lunar Apologist)

64 Easteu (Oh Doctor, you so silly! -Lunar Apologist)

65 AmbroseButtercrust (A dragon needs socks quite giant, and for them on Fluttershy they are reliant. - Fetchbeer)

66 Pegashift (I've always loved socks with little patterns on them, but get too scared to buy them. But someday, Lyra and I shall have matching socks! -Phoe)

67 kirbycolours

68 Summershineftw (Really, really nicely done! -Nullh)

69 Originalham (Yay Colgate! So happy! - Atlur)

70 Amehdaus (Calling chickens is good fun, but from this I think I'll just run. - Fetchbeer)

71 bananizen

72 lunar apologist

73 Balinares (Tiny apples in your socks. Could be worse! -Nullh)

74 demented-Mr-Paulsen

75 Atlur (Somepony told me once that black socks make you classy. Hm... -Phoe)

76 Fetchbeer Watch out for socks! Or snakes! Whichever! -Lunar Apologist)

77 lunar apologist (Little Luna's sock is of epic size, where did this foal find her prize? - Fetchbeer)

78 ThisNameIsNotProfane (Boy, Dash really hates non-rainbow-colored socks, doesn't she? -Lunar Apologist)

79 peperoger

80 hgraves

81 kitsuneymg

82 Tecknojock

83 CrunchNugget (I had a dream like this right after I watched Dune for the first time -Nullh)

84 Prismatic-Pretzel

85 Prismatic-Pretzel

86 Wolferahm (This is sort of terrifying! -Lunar Apologist)

87 Nullh

88 McGack


90 Jeff Martinez (This is so spot-on it's incredible! -Lunar Apologist)

91 Argembarger

92 DarkKnightWolf2011

93 Pastelpony

94 yiKOmega

95 ThisNameIsNotProfane

96 Fatum--Inanis

97 Hikarixxkh

98 Adiwan


  1. I lol'd so bad at 94.

  2. Oh Celestia, it's full of of socks!

  3. Awww so many ponies with socks! >//<

    #34 here...I know terrible humor XD

    I felt bad for not commenting on the last one. Just was busy >.< Sadly I don't see many comments on here like there used to be :c

    Good job everypony! Many great artist here. Keep up the great work! Stay strong Bronies! ^-^

  4. 51 and 52 and was I really the only person who drew something that wasn't actually socks?

    Ah well, good show, everyone. This theme produced terminal amounts of Dawww.