Sunday, 14 August 2011

Weekly Wrap Up 7

So many ponies this week chillin,
And not always like a villain.
Some were frozen to their seats,
While others were made into tasty treats.

Right now I am just so pleased,
So many ponies a pencil seized.
This week we've reach a hundred pictures,
Of perfect pastel pony figures.

Each and every one is great,
But don't fret if you are late.
In the morning I'll check again,
And add any missed by a tired brain.

If you would like to join our little band,
And at pony drawing try your hand.
Come apply on DA at mlp-atg-alumni,
We'd love to see our numbers multiply.

1 DarkKnightWolf2011

2 KuroiTsubasaTenshi (Any theme is a good reason to draw Fillyshy - Atlur)

3 vazgut

4 FoxOFWar

5 Easteu (Sexay 80's shades? Sweet ice flow? A BIG WINNER! Wait, what's this about frozen in ice? DAMN, YOU ALL! -Nullh)

6 PineappleSam (I'm on a boat! - Atlur)

7 CakeGun

8 bibliodragon (I thought we were done with drool this week? -Nullh)

9 peperoger (Don't often see Dash looking so pretty - Atlur)

10 Facelessguru (I don't even... how?! - Atlur)

11 EricaC78

12 toonboy92484

13 AmbroseButtercrust (Twilight by this monster has been captured, maybe by her horn he was enraptured. - Fetchbeer)

14 RydelFox (I can totally see Scootaloo throwing down gang signs - Atlur)

15 DarkKnightWolf2011 (This has a very Romeo & Juliet vibe going on - Atlur)

16 Errick

17 vazgut

18 paulinaghost

19 bananizen (Of all the ponies, I expected BonBon to be most cool with the hot sauce. I am disappoint, BonNon -Nullh)

20 MaxAyson (The CMC on a trampoline? Sounds like a recipe for disaster - Atlur)

21 KuroiTsubasaTenshi (Man I gotta get caught up with these! -Nullh)

22 grilledcat (Some days you just don't feel like doing anything - Atlur)

23 Daniel120

24 ColinMLP (After the disaster Futtershy still stands bravely, as she shouts "Hasta la vista baby!" - Fetchbeer)

25 ThisNameIsNotProfane

26 Gadvac

27 FracturedCB (Ooh, I like this style. And that sunset is beautiful - Atlur)

28 FilipinoNinja95

29 peperoger

30 hip-indeed (Yes! Most chill pony! *whistle~* - Atlur)

31 SamuelEAllen

32 TheCrackerBrony

33 Sir-Dangereaux

34 kibihascrashed (Is this our first submission in glitterpen? -Nullh)

35 Goggle Sparks (I would save up my money for that tea - Atlur)

36 LittleMonster125

37 aoshistark

38 LittleMonster125

39 DI-FL

40 CyborgPhilosopher

41 timmymonsta

42 Shipomaster

43 WillDrawForFood1


45 KuroiTsubasaTenshi (It's cold! Someone send hot toddies! -Nullh)

46 Invidlord

47 ErgoCogito

48 otherunicorn

49 Alipes

50 larrle (I see that you hang out on the net, that is also where my friends I met. - Fetchbeer)

51 Amehdaus

52 PineappleSam

53 RaspleZS (For my sins, I actually lolled. I really did -Nullh)

54 MoonlightScribe

55 MoonlightScribe

56 MoonlightScribe (To these fillies twilight reads something scary, I'm sure they would have preferred a story with a fairy. - Fetchbeer)

57 Baisre

58 UltraFamicom

59 Hacchicat

60 Nun2artzy

61 41744 (For our children we should keep her cool, for when they have to dig for fossil party fuel. - Fetchbeer)

62 HarrowTPrower

63 notablesilence


65 Nullh

66 Rhanoa

67 NikkuWalkanov

68 Fetchbeer

69 ks-claw (With her matching accessories she ventures outside, though on what she's wearing she took forever to decide. - Fetchbeer)

70 Adiwan

71 DespisedAndBeloved

72 demented-Mr-Paulsen

73 FeralBloodDragon

74 RatofDrawn (Rainbow Dash would wait through the night, to keep her warm a fire her friends ignite. - Fetchbeer)

75 Wolferahm

76 Atlur

77 kitsuneymg (Poor Dashie looks slightly cold, a frozen pony is a wonder to behold. - Fetchbeer)

78 bluefiresword

79 Ice Breaker

80 McGack

81 ThisNameIsNotProfane

82 JunaECBS

83 Chromadancer (Trixie plays this to the hilt, for she is a master of the tilt. - Fetchbeer)

84 sbshouseofpancakes

85 Philith

86 Prismatic-Pretzel (Two ponies relaxing on a beach, just beyond the waters reach. - Fetchbeer)

87 PajiPants

88 Argembarger

89 necrodios

90 hgraves

91 Delta-Pangaea

92 JeffMartinez (Dunking with wings would be to simple, but doing it backwards proves Dash is nimble. - Fetchbeer)

93 allanah

94 LeafGrowth

95 Naytree

96 VirgaRainboom (I dig those rainbow shades she has, they really add to her pizzazz. - Fetchbeer)

97 TheRecliner27

98 Hikarixxkh

99 TerribleTransit

100 Fox-E

101 Tecknojock

102 Muffinsforever

103 Fatum--Inanis


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Ya it didn't break!

    Still don't have anything better to do a 3 in the morning, but hey, what's better than ponies, amiright?

  3. 4am and still awake,
    A surely dreadful and costly mistake.
    But these wonderful pictures, my what a sight!
    And with the conclusion of that, I do say:

    Good job everyone like usual!

  4. Also we broke the 100 mark! ~Yay~

  5. Nice little poem you got there :D

    Great theme. I'm diggin the creativity out there.
    Wish I could of thought of something better then I did but it's not so bad. Great job everypony we broke the 100 mark! Time to go ever further next time. Stay strong Bronies!

  6. @Gadvac
    How did I not notice that when I made the post,
    Surely my mind must have been reduced to toast.
    But now the error has been corrected,
    And my brains been reconnected.

  7. i love the poems ^^

    and glitter pens are win ♥ i found a bunch from when i had that colorful, girly girl phase in junior high :D