Sunday, 7 August 2011

Weekly Wrap Up 6

Good evening, everypony, and congratulations! We've managed to make it to the end of another week. And what a week it's been! Turnout this week was quite respectable

EDIT: Scratch that! We somehow missed a number of entries, bringing the grand total up to 98 entries featuring many adorable pony pets! A good number of the entries were quite punny, as well - I approve. And, as always, you all have amazed me with your developing skills and incredible artwork - each and every week, you set the bar higher for what can be achieved!

Give yourselves a hoof, everypony - you deserve it :)

Now, I've been feeling for a while that the blog posts here were lacking... a certain something. A substantive and personal quality that I remember the incomparable Phoe's posts having during the NATG. And while I am certainly no Phoe, I'd like to give it a try! (Feel free to skip my ramblings and go on to the art - I'm not offended in the slightest!)

Thinking of pets makes me think about the process of domestication - which, in turn, makes me think how weird it is that we've managed to domesticate cats at all.

I mean dogs, it totally makes sense! They're omnivorous pack animals that respect and follow authority, and are prone to scavenging around human settlements. It was really just a matter of time until some early human fed a wolf, showed that they were the alpha creature, and had them tagging along at their heels as the first proto-dog. The rest is history.

Cats, on the other hoof? Cats - especially wild cats, mind; which is where the stock for domesticated cats would have come from - are generally skittish and solitary creatures. They don't care for commands, packs, or pecking orders. And the domestication seems to have not done much more than reduce their size - most cats will go feral in days if released and not attended to. Plus, cats are generally better-armed; providing yet another barrier to taming the creature. So, short of using The Stare, how did we ever get cats as we know them today?

I tell you what, though - I'm glad we did. My cat is awesome, and I'm lucky to have him :)

Well, enough of my prattling! What pony pets did you all choose to draw? Let's take a look and find out!

(Also, special thanks to Fetchbeer for making the blog header this week!)

EDIT: Please let me know if we're still missing your entry, and I will get it up post-haste!

1 Saffielia (Such a cute little doe! I want one! - Atlur)

2 Hikarixxkh

3 Errick (A marmot is a very unique pet. I like it! - Atlur)

4 RydelFox (This pet is almost cool enough for Dash - kits)

5 Splashlerz

6 ArcticIceBreaker (Portal and Pony, perhaps a perfect pairing? -kits)

7 Icy-Bolt (Squirrels are one of my favorite animals :) - Atlur)

8 FeralBloodDragon

9 paulinaghost

10 FilipinoNinja95 (they have the same eyes =D -kits)

11 Samuel E Allen

12 bibliodragon

13 candysnow-09 (best sonic fan-thing ever - kits)

14 Daniel120

15 ArtisanAP (I bet Celestia cheats by just having her Solrock use Sunny Day to raise the sun - Atlur)

16 Invidlord

17 larrle

18 ColinMLP

19 Weasgotu89

20 KuroiTsubasaTenshi

21 Goggle Sparks (I think a raven suits this mate quite well, though her secrets it might to others tell. - Fetchbeer)

22 hayhedgehoghay

23 Nowler

24 fribox (the art equivalent of a crack ship? me gusta -kits)

25 Alipes

26 ArtisanAP

27 DarkKnightWolf2011

28 Nun2artzy

29 Oldchap226 (Tuxedo Gummy is best Gummy - Atlur)

30 imnotparanoid68

31 ReakkorShrike

32 PineappleSam (Pegaprawn? Prawnasus? Silly either way - Atlur)

33 maxpwny

34 LifeSequenceBreak

35 Manden

36 WillDrawForFood1

37 PineappleSam

38 yiKOmega (She found her pet down by the lake, too bad she couldn't see it was a fake. - Fetchbeer)

39 KuroiTsubasaTenshi (This is pretty much awesome on every level! -Lunar Apologist)

40 DarkKnightWolf2011

41 BlackRose629

42 demented-Mr-Paulsen

43 kitsuneymg

44 Argembarger

45 Atlur (Way to bring back the ponies and spiders meme -anon)

46 Doppelgangsta

47 Hacchicat

48 MoonlightScribe

49 MoonlightScribe (Poor bunnies by Carrot Top are confused, and when they chew on her she is not amused. - Fetchbeer)

50 MoonlightScribe

51 hip-indeed

52 DI-FL

53 UltraFamicom (Will Rarity ever live down this thing with rocks, or will she be forever receiving them in a box. - Fetchbeer)

54 grilledcat (Twilight's love for that machine seems a bit excessive, in fact I think it borders on the obsessive. - Fetchbeer)


56 Nullh (HOLY SHI- DAT SIGNATURE! so jelly -kits)

57 Facelessguru

58 Easteu

59 fongsaunder (To find their masters these pets band together, but first they must have a grand adventure. - Fetchbeer)

60 JunaECBS

61 FoxOFWar

62 PajiPants

63 AmbroseButtercrust (I see: Both Applebloom and Sweetie Belle have chickens for pets =P - kits)

64 Sir-Dangereaux

65 CrunchNugget

66 LunarApologist (Luna loves her tiny anteater, so cute together they might cause a seizure. - Fetchbeer)

67 necrodios
Linked since it's behind a mature tag!

68 RaspleZS (Those socks looked to tasty to resist, though to remove the rabbit Fluttershy must assist. - Fetchbeer)

69 JunaECBS

70 allanah (These two meeting was due to fate, for neither of them can see straight. - Fetchbeer)

71 Tecknojock

72 Amehdaus

73 rumikoholic

74 Fetchbeer

75 ThisNameIsNotProfane (On the Doctor we do depend, for the weeping bunnies seek our end. - Fetchbeer)

76 Prismatic-Pretzel

77 Wolferahm (I had a friend whose hedgehog made a sound like a mini-lawnmower when it was agitated or excited. It was actually pretty adorable! -Lunar Apologist)

78 Delta-Pangaea

79 Chromadancer

80 larrle

81 Terrible Transit

82 LeafGrowth

83 DespisedAndBeloved

84 VirgaRainboom (Fighting clouds are really dangerous... -LSB)

85 Jeff Martinez

86 vazgut

87 TheRecliner27

88 Fox-E (Probably not. -LSB)

89 Rhanoa (And we're all here to hail to our beloved moon princess! -LSB)

90 naytree

91 Fatum--Inanis

92 AQNichols (Sorry this got missed the first time around! -Lunar Apologist)

93 Philith

94 bluefiresword

95 bananizen

96 LittleMonster125

97 Sapo100

98 PastelPony


  1. Late entry!
    You simply cannot deny the cuteness of Flutteryasha!

  2. 4 here
    14 - YES, there needs to be more art of Luna+Abacus
    27 - I never noticed that Goombas looked like Muffins before
    29 - What Atlur said
    35 - Shoo be doo shoop shoo be doo
    38 - Perfect pet for Derpy
    54 - I laughed, then I saw the type of computer and laughed again
    56 - Jelly
    84 - Love the spiked collar

  3. So many pets.

    I wonder what our next theme will be...

  4. #55 here!

    wow, awesome!!
    36, 38, 54, 58, 59, 73, 75 and 91 are the best!!

  5. @PastelPony - Should be fixed now!

    There was so much derpin' on this one. Sorry! :(

  6. Oh dont worry, ahm just glad ta be a part of this

  7. Great job everypony! Gotta love the pets. I learn something today. I learn I should work at least a day earlier on a theme. Since today I worked all day on that comic.

    Well great job everypony! Really loving the art here. Stay Strong Bronies!

  8. It's only behind a mature tag because it has Rarity wearing a ball gag. I'm paranoid about stuff like that.

    But enough about me! There are 97 other awesome entries!
    I'm not sure which there was more of:
    "D'aww", "lol", or "Holy crap,that's awesome!"

    I enjoyed this theme.

  9. Great work everypony - again! :D

    Very much enjoyed them cute pets(even if I just drew a pissed off, off-model Opalescence, hehe).

  10. Absolutely LOVE 84.

    And thanks @NME-NRG! I tried my best. ^_^

  11. Seriously, this keeps getting awesomer week after week. Great work, all. :)

  12. Fluttershy and Inuyasha? That's an interesting pairing. What was the inspiration, pray tell? (Ponies and Dog demons are awesome anyway!)

  13. @reynard61. Well I didn't draw it as a "pairing," but I guess you could interpret it that way. As for the inspiration, Fluttershy has a tendency to befriend animals, and Inuyasha is a dog (demon). Also, the contrast between Inuyasha's heroic hotbloodedness and Fluttershy's gentle innocence is adorable to imagine.