Sunday, 21 August 2011

Weekly Wrap Up 8

Once more, we have come to the end of a week full of fantastic art! 109 entries, in fact!

8 weeks, everypony. We've now been at this for two months - and with the original ATG for a month before that! Three months, we've been doing this.

It's hard to believe, isn't it?

And yet - it isn't.

I say that, because we've seen the improvement of those who have stuck it out for this whole ride. Some rapidly, some more gradual - but improvement nonetheless. We've seen our humble group of ragged and weary ATG veterans expand to a teeming throng! We've seen our weekly entries break the 100 barrier, and I know we'll continue to do more.

You are amazing, everypony, and don't you forget it!

Now, rambling is going to commence. Feel free to skip it for the art!

So, seasonal ponies! This whole thing made me think about the seasons, and which might be my favorite. The problem is that each of them has something to offer. Spring (while short and tumultuous here in Colorado) is quite nice - all new growth and the awakening from winter. But then winter is pretty good, too - there are so many activities and holidays as it gets colder; and one can't really beat a good snow. And, of course, summer - all barbecues, pools, and warm sunshine.

But for my money? Fall is where it's at.

There's just something about it. Maybe it's the crisp air that's warmed just enough by the sun to be refreshing and comfortable at the same time. Or the changing of leaves; a visible reminder of time's slow passage, heralding the end of the year with a riotous display of color.

Taken all together, there's something wonderfully melancholy about it that I just love. It puts me in the mood to think about events and people now passed; the good and the bad both worn smooth by the passage of time.

So, what's your favorite season? While you're thinking about it, have some ponies :)

1 thetricia

2 Baisre (These two ponies could not be more different, twice a year the meet for a single instant. - Fetchbeer)

3 ErgoCogito

4 CyborgPhilosopher

5 Prismatic-Pretzel

6 SamuelEAllen (That song is stuck in my head also, though singing it for you I will forgo. - Fetchbeer)

7 RydelFox (Hiking in the spring is one of my favorite outdoor activities - Atlur)

8 Invidlord

9 tenchisamoshi

10 DarkKnightWolf2011

11 Hacchicat

12 MaxAyson (Sad, living in a place where you don't get all of the seasons in full-effect - Atlur)

13 RaspleZS (When you need seasoning for your food, this spice will work whether baked, boiled or stewed. - Fetchbeer)

14 kibihascrashed (We don't get many crayon entries, looking good - Atlur)

15 PineappleSam (Your description is amazing, haha - Atlur)

16 TheRecliner27 (How could those foals in charge fire her, this pony's wrath they will incur. - Fetchbeer)

17 kibihascrashed

18 D-Hatcher (Nice first entry! I like the story that you included - Atlur)

19 KuroiTsubasaTenshi

20 Badteddy32 (These ponies are ready for some serious racing. Nice first picture! :D - Atlur)

21 kibihascrashed

22 Goggle Sparks (Two ponies prance among the flakes of snow, despite the cold with joy their faces glow. - Fetchbeer)

23 Badteddy32

24 Nun2artzy (What's this? What's this! There's color everywhere~ - Atlur)

25 SpiritofthwWolf

26 ThisNameIsNotProfane

27 SamuelEAllen (Oh you :) - Atlur)

28 DI-FL (I wil luf you lunna nomatter whats -Argembarger)

29 herpdragon

30 PineappleSam

31 Rhanoa

32 Splashlerz (Sad :( Changing the colors on the planet was a clever touch - Atlur)

33 Alipes (Frost to windows this pony brings, with the icicles hanging from her wings. - Fetchbeer)

34 Ced75

35 LifeSequenceBreak

"36 Philith (From toasted marshmallows the princess gets great joy, though for the phoenix this treatment does annoy. - Fetchbeer)

37 kitsuneymg

38 AmbroseButtercrust (Autumn, bunnies, and Fluttershy, 3 of my favorite things! - Atlur)

39 Gadvac

40 Wolferahm (That is adorable. I bet they would love to see penguins in Ponyville - Atlur)

41 AQNichols (What is in this sack that this pony brings, as down in Ponyville cheer and joy rings? - Fetchbeer)

42 Alipes (Running of the Leaves = forever obsolete -Argembarger)

43 bibliodragon

44 xrwarramen

45 peperoger (This pony rests in the open window, as around her the wind does billow. - Fetchbeer)

46 MoonlightScribe

47 MoonlightScribe

48 MoonlightScribe

49 UltraFamicom (Gonna need SO MANY vacuum bags -Argembarger)

50 Chromadancer

51 necrodios (Celestia is banished to the sun, while back home her sister is having fun. - Fetchbeer)

52 041744

53 peperoger (Oh Dashie, when will you learn? - Atlur)

54 KuroiTsubasaTenshi

55 DespisedAndBeloved (Twilight knows how to beat the heat - Atlur)

56 NikkuWalkanov (Pinkie at her scarf does stare, of her cuteness she is unaware. - Fetchbeer)

57 Easteu (I really like the mane and tail here, great design - Atlur)

58 Naytree

59 Whispatchet

60 egophiliac (dem wings -Argembarger)

61 DarkKnightWolf2011

62 Jdan-S

63 FoxOFWar

64 Nowler (Ponies posing in silhouette, who would think the seasons were controlled by this quartet. - Fetchbeer)

65 Pastelpony (Pinkie's bouncing makes so much sense now! - Atlur)

66 Moabite

67 hip-indeed


69 Daniel120

70 Sir-Dangereaux (Feels like I'm playing some Twilight Princess -Argembarger)

71 bananizen

72 Nullh (This is what happens when The Stare is not sufficient -Argembarger)

73 NeonBlonde1138

74 JimTheCactus (I like the whole scene you have going on here - Atlur)

75 Hacchicat

76 Facelessguru

77 WillDrawForFood1 (Bronies gotta stick together. Good to see them getting some attention - Atlur)

78 Hikarixxkh

79 demented-Mr-Paulsen

80 JunaECBS (I like the name! And the mane/tail are neat - Atlur)

81 larrle (Derpy's scarf protects her from the chill, I wonder if it's made of twill. - Fetchbeer)

82 PajiPants

83 EricaC78 (Well I guess the hat and cape wouldn't be particularly warm, anyway -Argembarger)

84 Nowler

85 Invidlord

86 timmymonsta (RD clearly has not heard of Christmas in July -Argembarger)

87 sbshouseofpancakes (Is that... Snails? Bravo, you have made Snails (even moar) likeable -Argembarger)

88 toonboy92484

89 Atlur (Her hair has becomed leaves -Argembarger)

90 kibihascrashed

91 JeffMartinez (inb4 wave washes over book, ruining it D: -Argembarger)

92 lunarapologist

93 TheWormOurboros

94 Amehdaus (Raises the implication that Fluttershy secretly hates ducks -Argembarger)

95 Argembarger (D'awww, she so cute :D - Atlur)

96 vapgames

97 NME-NRG (NOOOO y u hurt best pony :'( -Argembarger)

98 Hikarixxkh (Ooh, she is so cute, and quite protective of that pumpkin it seems - Atlur)

99 Fetchbeer

100 Fox_E (In the meadow, they will build a snowpony. The snowpony will also be kits -Amehdaus)

101 TerribleTransit (The year that Pinkie skipped summer and went straight to fall. -Amehdaus)

102 Delta-Pangaea

103 KuroiTsubasaTenshi


105 RaspleZS

106 Tecknojock

107 LeafGrowth

108 Muffinsforever

109 Fatum--Inanis


  1. #68 and #97 here

    yay!!! this week was cool!! and I could draw to Snails dead :D yay!

  2. #38 here. So many nice drawings!
    By the way, I think you posted an old version of #56, he colored it.

  3. #18 right here~ I loved this week, and I can't wait to start on the next theme.

    I'm glad you liked the story! I try to include a little snippet with everything I draw~

  4. Number #2 here! This was a seriously fun week, there are so many fantastic drawings up here! I can't wait to see everypony's doodles next week :)

    Oh, and I love the little couplet you added to my drawing Fetchbeer, it's awesome :D Thanks!

  5. How does one reply to a comment here? (hope this works)
    @AmbroseButtercrust don't worry m8, I like the sketch version more xD

    Awesome job everybody, lovely drawings as usual :D

  6. #38 here~ Loved this week! =D
    Thanks about the planet! I thought of that last minute, glad to see someone noticed! Everyone's drawings look great. ^-^ Can't wait to start on the next theme!

  7. My apologies, I meant #32!

  8. #86 Checking in. It always amazes me how creative people get with the things.

  9. #39 here- loved this week! It was a lot of fun.