Sunday, 20 November 2011

Weekly Wrap Up 21

Hooray! We've come to the end of a another week at last!

And what a week this was! While it was solid, it wasn't one of our best ones in terms of numbers... but I think it made up for it in terms of quality. I feel this week brought us some of the more interesting and emotionally powerful entries we've seen in a while. Possibly some of the best in that regard since we started this group! (And some very silly ones as well, which are always appreciated). :)

Excellently done, everypony.

And I know ordinarily I ramble about something related to the theme here before getting into the actual pictures, but... my greatest fears are boring and largely existential, and I feel like nopony wants to be brought down by reading about them! So... let's get on with the pictures!

1 Chromadancer (Poor Kits! -Lunar)

2 FerrousOxideMolecule (This is... interesting and pretty creepy - nice work! -Lunar)


4 KuroiTsubasaTenshi

5 Otterlore (She certainly seems like a nicer dragon than most - Atlur)

6 SamuelEAllen

7 SkyheartArrow

8 necrodios (This shadow seems to have come to alive, and to scare Fluttershy it does contrive! - fetchbeer)

9 DrSyke

10 hip-indeed (Love the idea, and Pokey's thought bubble is adorable - Atlur)

11 FoxOfWar

12 KuroiTsubasaTenshi (How did Dash get stuck in Twilight's eye? Stuck in there she can not fly! - fetchbeer)

13 GoggleSparks

14 DrSyke

15 matrix541 (So many books! Also, nice first entry - Atlur)
Flash - Click to View

16 Philith

17 AmbroseButtercrust (I know that feeling all too well - Atlur)

18 RunbowDash (Again poor Dash seems to have failed the test, let us hope over this she is not to depressed. - fetchbeer)

19 RydelFox (I would certainly hate to disappoint my mentor and sun goddess as well - Atlur)

20 MoonlightScribe

21 Scyphi (Wow, you really did go all out! And Discord is definitely worth fearing - Atlur)

22 pinkie-pie-ninja (Poor Pinkie in a padded room locked away, in this cell I hope she does not stay! - fetchbeer)

23 MoonlightScribe

24 MoonlightScribe

25 RiokennG3

26 brokenhero0409 (I always feel so bad for that pony, he can't seem to catch a break - Atlur)

27 Acceleron (A muffin made of chips and worms, with this snack Pinkie has yet to come to terms. - fetchbeer)

28 LeafGrowth (He is all about the theatrics and symbolism, I could see him doing this - Atlur)


30 GiantMosquito (So many ponies fear rule sixty three, but that ending I for one did not foresee. - fetchbeer)

31 ZeldaTheSwordsman

32 Invidlord (It would be scary to have so much power, especially until you learned how to control it - Atlur)

33 KuroiTsubasaTenshi (The nametags just make it so much lonlier :( - Atlur)

34 DarkKnightWolf2011 (Poor Applejack confronted by a giant fruit, that pineapple looks to be quite a brute! - fetchbeer)

35 TerribleTransit (Wow, that was really touching - Atlur)

36 PrincessofDestiny114

37 larrle (Her careful styling about to be undone, any other pony would think this fun! - fetchbeer)

38 demented-Mr-Paulsen

39 JeffMartinez (That would be a scary world to live in - Atlur)

40 RaspleZS (Poor Rarity in dreams slaughtered, I'll admit at the thought my eyes watered. - fetchbeer)

41 Prismatic-Pretzel

42 Cynos-Zilla

43 Delta-Pangaea

44 Fetchbeer (This is my greatest fear, seeing a friend like this - Atlur)

45 brongaar

46 UnicornSketch (Who would have thought that pie would cause such vivid dreams, even from here I think I could hear her screams. - fetchbeer)

47 thattagen

48 Easteu (Truly a terrifying scenario - Atlur)

49 Muffinsforever (Oh noes broccoli! - Atlur)

50 sbshouseofpancakes (HOW DID I NOT REALIZE THIS BEFORE? -Lunar)

51 NightOfAccordionSax (All the :( for Pinkie -Lunar)

52 CocoaNutCakery

53 Fox-E (And Kits gets sweet revenge for the first entry :) -Lunar)

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