Sunday, 6 November 2011

Weekly Wrap Up 19

What a buncha pranksters! Some of you going for the tried and true methods, and some of you using more... innovative approaches. Some were all in good fun, others a bit less so. Some of your prankings were successful, others, not so much! (Especially when Derpy is involved, it seems).

I like it!

In all, you produced 51 of crazy pony pranks!

I feel like I should be trying to prank you all with something here, but I'll be honest - I was never much good at pranks! So, on with the ponies instead!

1 Fox-E (I wouldn't mind this terribly. Just sayin'. -Lunar)

2 FerrousOxideMolecule (Always nice to see comics, but poor Derpy! I hope she gets the muffin afterwards - Atlur)

3 NinjaPony ( I cant dance to this... but it does taste good. - Arcum)

4 RunbowDash

5 KuroiTsubasaTenshi (I think this the first time I've seen breaking the 4th wall work AGAINST Pinkie! -Lunar)

6 Cynos-Zilla ( Oh no! Derpy why!? - Arcum)

7 SamuelEAllen (I could definitely see this happening. Twi needs to lighten up a little - Atlur)

8 Goggle Sparks

9 Brony91 (AAAAH A GHOST! Oh wait its just a bald pony. False alarm. - Arcum)

10 KuroiTsubasaTenshi (Dat Stache - Arcum)

11 RydelFox

12 larrle (Man poison joke is dangerous to some ponies... - Arcum)

13 brokenhero0409 (This is actually a brilliant way to prank Twilight! -Lunar)

14 AmbroseButtercrust (Why would you do this, Fluttershy? -Lunar)

15 KuroiTsubasaTenshi

16 hip-indeed (That's rough, Applebloom ;) -Lunar)

17 UnicornSketch (A fun take on a classic prank - Atlur)

18 Argembarger (PLANK!? What happened to you? - Johnny)

19 MoonlightScribe

20 MoonlightScribe (That's cold, Pinkie Pie -Lunar)

21 TheWormOuroboros (Nice one, Luna! -Lunar)

22 Otterlore

23 pinkie-pie-ninja (Man, I haven't been RickRolled in forever! -Lunar)


25 necrodios

26 FoxOFWar (Even stranger, it was somehow on the 2nd floor - Atlur)

27 NikkuWalkanov (Interesting approach! -Lunar)

28 DI-FL

29 demented-Mr-Paulsen (Poor AJ can't just buck...)

30 Easteu (...her apples in peace, can she? - Atlur)

31 GonzaHerMeg (Show her how it's done! -Lunar)

32 LittleMonster125

33 necrodios

34 DarkKnightWolf2011 (It's like a strange sort of musical chairs, just with more music and fewer chairs - Atlur)

35 GiantMosquito (Moist would've kept that bird nice and damp to keep it from combusting. She needs a sidekick, methinks - Atlur)

36 kitsuneymg (Oh, drunken shaming. That most venerable of pranking traditions! -Lunar)

37 ZeldaTheSwordsman

38 Invidlord (Poor Applejack will never catch a break :( - Arcum)

39 Prismatic-Pretzel (This is why if I ever become an evil mastermind I will make sure that I do not have a right hand man. They only cause trouble. - Arcum)

40 Delta-Pangaea (Ah, the ol' bucket prank. Classic! -Lunar)

41 Naytree (I hope those new names are just a prank on all of us - Atlur)

42 Acceleron

43 CocoaNutCakery

44 LeafGrowth (I'm Batmare. -Twilight Sparkle)


46 Thattagen (Oh my goodness, this is just the most adorable thing! :3 -Lunar)

47 Fetchbeer ("PC Load Letter?" What the hay? -Lunar)

48 Atlur

49 G-DO-29--Anagram

50 RaspleZS

51 Philith

52 TerribleTransit

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  1. #46 Yay, I'm the winner of the Most Adorable Thing award!