Sunday, 13 November 2011

Weekly Wrap Up 20

And here we are, everypony! We've been at this for -




Wow. We've been doing this crazy thing for five months, ponies. Six, for the ones who were here for the NATG.

Sorry, I just... I'm having a hard time believing that we've been ponying it up for half a year, now. It sure doesn't feel like it!

Anyway! You've all turned in a respectable 50 entries this week - well done! Glad to see a range of detectives and investigators being represented - from pony versions of Holmes, Watson, Inspector Gadget, and Mystery, Inc to others like Tintin, Columbo and Poirot!

So many mysteries being solved - let's take a look!

1 larrle

2 LittleMonster125 (I was always more into the Hardy Colts, myself. -Lunar)

3 FerrousOxideMolecule (For science! -Lunar)

4 KuroiTsubasaTenshi

5 AmbroseButtercrust (I can hear the music playing; WHAT HAVE YOU DONE D: - kits)

6 MaxAyson (Impressive deductive skills, Rarity. -Lunar)

7 DI-FL (Good on you for trying it :) -Lunar)

8 Scyphi

9 SamuelEAllen (I still think this is the best disguise I have ever seen - Arcum)

10 ReakkorShrike (Oh no! I have been caught! - Arcum)

11 Ailynd (Don't be fooled Bright Eyes, you'll get that muffin thief. You're so close - kits)

12 hip-indeed

13 NikkuWalkanov (The mystery! It will never be solved D: I love these by the way. - Arcum)

14 DrSyke (Welcome to the party :) -Lunar)

15 Goggle Sparks (I need to get around to playing that game one of these days... -Lunar)

16 KuroiTsubasaTenshi

17 extraphotos

18 MateusUK (Like, really need to get around to playing these. -Lunar)

19 Acceleron

20 Nun2artzy (He's right - no, Pinkie, I meant your left - oh, never mind! -Lunar)

21 Cynos-Zilla (You must make this a real thing! You must! -Lunar)

22 JimTheCactus

23 Glitcher007 (Twi as Edgeworth and not Phoenix? Interesting! -Lunar)

24 CocoaNutCakery (That's quite the backstory you have for this! -Lunar)

25 DarkKnightWolf2011 (Love it :) -Lunar)

26 KuroiTsubasaTenshi

27 brokenhero0409 (I... have had mornings like this. :\ -Lunar)

28 UnicornSketch (I was hoping we'd get some of these! :D -Lunar)

29 BrainDps

30 pinkie-pie-ninja (And then it turns out that PINKIE WAS THE CULPRIT THE WHOLE TIME! :O -Lunar)

31 Invidlord

32 Rekiara (I imagine she already tried asking her owl, to no avail - Atlur)

33 MoonlightScribe (Wait, why would you... -Lunar)

34 MoonlightScribe

35 FoxOfWar (Quite atmospheric! -Lunar)

36 Fox-E

37 Delta-Pangaea (It all goes straight to his hips - Atlur)

38 AmbroseButtercrust

39 demented-Mr-Paulsen ("I'm the God-Empress. I ain't gotta explain s***." -Lunar)

40 Naytree

41 TheWormOuroboros (This is amazing in pretty much every way. -Lunar)

A bit strong in the pony blood department, but still funny!

43 Wolferahm (It is best to travel prepared in those scenarios, indeed - Atlur)

44 thattagen

45 Prismatic-Pretzel

46 ZeldaTheSwordsman

47 FoxOFWar (I'm digging the style in this picture, well done - Atlur)

48 TerribleTransit

49 HarrowTPrower

50 JeffMartinez (Loving the noir look you've got going, here! -Lunar)

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