Friday, 11 November 2011

Bonus Theme - Papercraft (Week 20.5)

For such an involved, short notice, and all around completely different type of project for this group, I'm glad to see that so many of your participated! We've got 17 paper ponies made in a little under two days. That's some fast work there! I wonder how many paper ponies we'd need to have them collapse into a paper pony pile and open a portal to Equestria?

1 kits

2 KuroiTsubasaTenshi (free standing Twilight can study anywhere - kits)

3 Invidlord (doesn't the swimming pool make the TARDiS all soggy? Or is it more waterproof on the inside too? - kits)

4 EricaC78 (Small cutie mark components are hard - kits)

5 MaxAyson (If we can get a critical mass of Paper Party Ponies, Perhaps Pinkie would Patronize us Poor Ponyfans with a Party! - kits)

6 FerrousOxideMolecule (please tell me those markers glow in the dark - kits)

7 SamuelEAllen (Balloons? For me? :D - kits)

8 kits (this took so long you have no idea)

9 AmbroseButtercrust (dat cutiemark! - kits)

10 Atlur (Carrot Top? Don't you mean Golden Harvest /trollface -kits)

11 MoonlightScribe (This is perhaps the greatest, most powerful paper ever - kits)

12 G-DO-29--Anagram (I see stallions appear in roughly the same ratio in both paper and Ponyville )

13 Wolferahm (AJ! Y U SO KICK MY DRINK?)

14 demented-Mr-Paulsen (Yes, they do have six limbs, just like those mythical humans have 4)

15 Easteu (I want to see the obligatory beach episode so much)

16 Muffinsforever (Is she trying to hit your 'next' button? Smile, Smile, Smile time?)

17 Prismatic-Pretzel (Yay Lyra! And she is standing!)

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