Sunday, 11 December 2011

Weekly Wrap Up 24

Heya, everypony! Lunar here. Has it been a busy week for you? I know it sure has for me - what with an awesome bonus theme, my last week of classes, and finals coming up next week, I didn't have time to do anything with the mane theme! :(

Despite a number of you probably being in similar situations, you all have managed to bring together a mighty respectable 44 entries! And so many of these are just adorable! I d'awwed a good number of times looking through them :)

Also, we have officially passed the half-year mark in the ATG! If you'd asked me back then, I honestly never would have thought that I'd have gotten to see this group still going at this point. Despite work, school, family, and other real life stuff, you ponies show up and turn out amazing art week after week. It's because of you all that we made this group, and it's because of you all that we're still here.

So, give yourselves a hoof, everypony! You deserve it :)

1 Summershineftw (Beautifully done! And rather touching :) -Lunar)

2 Scyphi (This is just adorable :) -Lunar)

3 FerrousOxideMolecule (So many ponies just can't spell, though if you can cope it's just swell. - fetchbeer)

4 brokenhero0409 (That little foal in a giant hat I can't rebuff, please just take all my stuff! - fetchbeer)

5 KuroiTsubasaTenshi (A hat and scarf make one look quite dashing, especially for one who thorough your skylight keeps on crashing. - fetchbeer)

6 RunbowDash (Poor Dashies wings again are harmed, but by this hug I'm sure all are charmed. - fetchbeer)

7 Borbonne-le-Bonne (Lack of a cutie mark seems to be a pretty big pony problem! -Lunar)

8 hip-indeed (Way to go, Pinkie :) -Lunar)

9 Kalaverapastillera (Why is that cliff even in Ponyville? Never have I seen a more dangerous hill! - fetchbeer)

10 Trixingno (Really liking knight Lyra's armor - Atlur)

11 KuroiTsubasaTenshi

12 Eva-Janova (D'awww! -Lunar)

13 Nun2artzy (Twilight could certainly use the help - Atlur)

14 SamuelEAllen (Oh my goodness, this is cute! -Lunar)

15 Ailynd (Aww, very cute. Way to go, Tavi! You show those bullies - Atlur)

16 KuroiTsubasaTenshi

17 Goggle Sparks (This beacon Pinkie has causes me some worry, if I were Dinky away from there I'd hurry. - fetchbeer)

18 larrle (What does this inkblot remind you of, and by the way don't say a glove. - fetchbeer)

19 NME-NRG (So many bunnies! - Atlur)

20 Argentum-Zeena

21 demented-Mr-Paulsen (What happens after one? D: -Lunar)

22 DarkKnightWolf2011 (You know, I always wondered... -Lunar)

23 MoonlightScribe (Poor Trixie :( -Lunar)

24 Acceleron (Something tells me that Pinkie probably did most of the work on that cupcake - Atlur)

25 JunaECBS

26 Philith (No, Fluttershy! It's a trap! -Lunar)

27 Easteau (You can always help me Fluttershy, but surely somepony needs you more than I. - fetchbeer)

28 TerribleTransit (The art and description together make for a very powerful piece, here! -Lunar)

29 JimTheCactus (You can do it, Scoots! - Atlur)

30 "041744" (Oh you... Silly Derpy - Atlur)

31 Invidlord

32 Wolferahm (So torn between D: and :D on this one! -Lunar)

33 Ambrose Buttercrust (I like the almost fisheye-perspective you have going on in this one. -Lunar)

34 G-DO-29--Anagram

35 Fetchbeer (Why... How did you even... -Lunar)

36 pinkie-pie-ninja

37 ZeldaTheSwordsman

38 UnicornSketch (Way to turn it around there at the end - Atlur)

39 DrSyke

40 Prismatic-Pretzel

41 RaspleZS

42 JeffMartinez

43 Delta_Pangaea

44 thattagen


  1. I noticed some problems:

    3 - Link doesn't redirect to the correct deviation;
    20 - DA accuses that link doesn't exist.

  2. I fixed it JunaECBS! Spreadsheet derp or user error or something!