Thursday, 8 December 2011

Week 24 Bonus Theme!

Whoooo! That was a fast one (and a fun one, I think!)

Lunar Apologist here, and I tell you what, everypony, ever since MoonlightScribe suggested this theme, I've been itching to do it - both as an exercise for myself, and to see what you all would turn out!

And I was not disappointed! For a quick bonus theme that was almost guaranteed to take you out of your comfort zones, you turned in an impressive 29 entries! I can't tell you how awesome that is :D I was so excited for it, I ended up doing all the comments, too!

And I think this just goes to show that you ponies are amazingly creative - not only in drawing, but in coming up with interesting themes for all of us! Thanks again, MoonlightScribe :)

And now, on to the arts!

1 Fetchums (Yay, boxes of stuff!)

2 rhodecyl (This is the cutest Frankenpony ever.)

3 FoxOfWar (That's a pretty good Cartoonlion you've done there!)

4 AmbroseButtercrust (Ah, a fan of the Baroque, I see!)

5 MLP-Whiteout ( :3)

6 Glitcher007 (Am I the only one who wishes she was doing a silly pose, here?)

7 JimTheCactus (Cute style? Check. Juice box? Check. Looks like we're good, here ;))

8 RyuuKiba (I think you need to do this more often! This is nice!)

9 Goggle Sparks (There is so much to like here, I don't know where to begin!)

10 SamuelEAllen (Well done! And perfect choice for Joe Cool ;))

11 Summershineftw (This is very well done!)

12 Chromadancer (I laughed for reals with this one :))

13 MoonlightScribe (Very interesting! Almost a stained glass kinda look here.)

14 kits (Dang! Tackling two styles and making the rest of us look like slackers - nice work!)

15 lunarararapologist (Dat shading -Atlur)

16 hip-indeed (Great job on this - I knew immediately who's style you were doing ;))

17 Acceleron (More :3)

18 peperoger (I think you could do great things with this style!)

19 Atlur! (HRRRRNNNGGHH - okay, got my heart going again after the cute.)

20 Easteau (ohmygoshYESSSSSSS)

21 NME-NRG (Very good imitation of the style!)

22 ToyaBigEyes (:O)

23 AmbroseButtercrust (Dang, this is nice! I love the linework and color value!)

24 thattagen (I like what you've done here!)

25 AmbroseButtercrust (Ooh, very nice! Good job with all that crosshatching!)

26 KuroiTsubasaTenshi (Puttin' those pencil skills to work, I see!)

27 MoonlightScribe (Yay, more cubism! :D)


29 Prismatic-Pretzel (Hey, something different is really all we asked! :))

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