Sunday, 3 June 2012

Week 49 Wrap Up

Come, everypony!  Gaze upon the tide of fashion that has washed o'er us this week, fabulous and magnificent!

Seriously, I have no idea what more to say about this week!  There's just so much here that's stylish, innovative, or just plain punny that I can't even begin to pick favorites or really think of anything else to say!

I'll just end by saying THANK YOU, THANK YOU to the many of you that participated this week, and get on with the show!

01. GoggleSparks

(The perfect apparel for a baker, an apron for our little muffin maker. - fetchbeer)

02. Legeden

(Fret not about not being completely done; we know how it goes :) -Lunar)

03. SamuelEAllen

04. K4nK4n (aka StarCrosser)

(Man, that's Twilight's bikini? O_O -Lunar)

05. TheLaughingHorror

(Even in a steampunk age she is still posh, even if under polished brass she is awash! - fetchbeer)

06. demented-Mr-Paulsen

07. Schluberlubs

(Lyra loves to follow human trends, but her strange clothes confuse her friends. - fetchbeer)

08. Rosemary Thyme

(I agree, Rarity was born for the limelight! -Lunar)

09. Runbow Dash

(Scootaloo has no fashion sense, Rarity should some advice dispense. - fetchbeer)

10. Rosemary Thyme

11. ColdSolstice

12. hip-indeed

(At the beach little Scoots could be many things, it's a good thing she brought her water wings. - fetchbeer)

13. AaronMk

(To fail is honorable, to cheat and still fail is just kinda sad :( -Lunar)

14. AaronMk

15. fiendaffliction

16. fiendaffliction

17. Acceleron

(Why can I only think of her punching air, while rearing on the town hall's stair? - fetchbeer)

18. Prismatic Pretzel

19. Jdan-S

(Octavia is always dashing, even if nearby a whip is lashing. - fetchbeer)

20. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

(Very stylish! :) -Lunar)

21. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

22. Trixingno


23. Firehazard14

(Even with a gas mask she looks quite nervous, I bet she'd like armor more impervious. - fetchbeer)

24. RookieOwl

25. Predelnik

26. AmbroseButtercrust

(If she's not careful she'll be washed away, when with it's waves this dress does betray. - fetchbeer)

30. asluc96

31. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

32. TheSkitzoGamer

(I bet all the stallions would join up for this, but while ogling flank in their duties they'll be remiss. - fetchbeer)

33. TerribleTransit


34. Haxorus31

(I like Rarity with her hair down! -Lunar)

35. Philith

(This image she'll never remove from her mind, though at least it didn't cause her to go blind. - fetchbeer)

36. ichiyama22

37. PnFink

38. BrokenHero0409

(Is the future a bad place? Did something happen to the pony race? - fetchbeer)

39. ashantiaja

40. Michael9R

41. rumikoholic

(As always Fluttershy looks so demure, but in such postures lie her allure. - fetchbeer)

42. Heliki

(Yay, hoof-knit Dashie sweaters! -Lunar)

43. Facelessguru

44. dAEternal

(In these clothes he seems embarrassed, though it may be because by shopping bags he is harassed. - fetchbeer)

45. JimTheCactus

46. Pikacino

(Rainbow Dash is quick to ire, but in tormenting her these friends don't tire. - fetchbeer)

47. Invidlord

48. ZeldaTheSwordsman

(It turned out well! -Lunar)

49. Detah-Ramet

(While a toupee your outfit might make, perhaps you should look into other clothes besides! -Lunar)

50. Nun2artzy

(Fluttershy makes a very handsome colt, at least until at the party she does bolt. - fetchbeer)

51. Smava-Heartsong

52. Lil-Dark-Vixen

(Like a cherub this little pony floats, he looks so good that he should always model coats. - fetchbeer)

53. Hazzdawg

54. No1washere

(I don't want this pony stalking me, if I saw her I would surely flee. - fetchbeer)

58. NightOfAccordionSax

59. Delta Pangaea

(And now this tune is stuck in your head, and will play there until you are dead. - fetchbeer)

60. Rekiara

(Snails, I'm pretty sure you're getting grounded for this one... -Lunar)

61. Muffinsforever

(Looking good, even as-is! -Lunar)

63. Invidlord


  1. I'm sad that there are never any comments here anymore, so... A comment! Yay!

  2. The images thie week are much more interesting than before, and the comments by fetchbeer and Lunar are hillarious! Oh yes, those ARE Twilight Sparkle's bikinis which Nyx is wearing. If it fits her, doesn't it make you wonder how 'lean' Twilight is?

  3. Am I really the only person who caught on to "the Outfit"? Pssssh.