Sunday, 8 July 2012

Week 54 Wrap Up

Howdy, everypony!  Lunar Apologist here, back from travels and the like and here to meet with you once again for the weekly wrap up! 

And what a bunch of reunions you've all prepared for us this week!  Everything from wonderfully cheerful to funny to sweet to almost achingly sad.  You are all brilliant, and I really can't say enough about you all!  I've kinda run out of time, so I'm not like to ramble too much at you this week.

Next week, though.

All the ramblings.

For now, though, on with the ponies!

01. K4nK4n (a.k.a. StarCrosser)

(Aw, this is very sweet :) -Lunar)

02. Legeden

03. Hazzdawg

(You should be careful when sticks you decide to throw, for a concussion to your head they can bestow. - fetchbeer)

04. SamuelEAllen

(I sense some hostility... -Lunar)

05. HP Lovecolt (Shaderyuinari)

(Coming across an old favorite book is like meeting a long-lost friend to me.  I say it counts! -Lunar)

06. GoggleSparks

(A bandaged hoof and a friendly peck, a nice reward after a long trek. - fetchbeer)

07. LendABit

08. DarkAudacity - Darry

(All of my sads :( -Lunar)

09. demented-Mr-Paulsen

(Sometimes, being able to draw from our personal lives is what lets us do our best work.  Doesn't mean it doesn't hurt, though. -Lunar)

10. Runbow Dash

(In the normal world this pony was getting bored, but now she does embrace the mischievous discord! - fetchbeer)

11. AppleJane

(I knew they were relatives! -Lunar)

12. DanTR (a.k.a Eliel Micmás)

(Who wouldn't want to love this precious doll, though I'll admit that everypony it does enthrall! - fetchbeer)

13. DarkMage2

(When I saw this, I just d'awwwwed :) -Lunar)

14. DShou/DSkyo

(The classic duo! -Lunar)

15. fiendaffliction

(That was one of the quickest breakups I have ever seen. - Arcum)
(Booze is a friend that's hard to leave, though it will find new ways to make you grieve. - fetchbeer)

16. Predelnik

(This is a wonderfully emotive piece.  I like it a lot! -Lunar)

17. HuskSummers

(You did just fine!  The page is for if you want the picture to link back to the work on your dA profile. -Lunar)

18. Schluberlubs

(Lyra loves to make him crawl through ducts, as his crazy anti-terrorist raids she conducts! - fetchbeer)

19. SeriousArthos

20. MoonlightScribe

21. ZeldaTheSwordsman

(A bit different than the other reunion above! -Lunar)

22. hip-indeed

(One day big mac... One day you will be reunited as Twilight has. - Arcum)

23. BrokenHero0409

24. VerrucktZeichen

(This is so powerful and bittersweet, and just... I don't know what else to say. -Lunar)

25. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

(That zebra has been reunited with her sleep, at least as a date she is cheep. - fechbeer)

26. Ripfrost

27. Acceleron

(To Ponyville she travels to have her revenge, if again she loses she will truly winge. - fetchbeer)

28. The-Laughing-Horror

(Who will win in this battle of robot versus unicorn? Surely one of them will wish they were never born! - fetchbeer)

29. Irlycantthinkofaname

30. exoteeque

31. Nun2artzy

(Ponies grow and forget their toys, but memories one always enjoys. - fetchbeer)

33. dAEternal

(So adorable! :D -Lunar)

35. The-Laughing-Horror

36. kingarthur59

37. Chillyburst

(The princess is not easily annoyed, but over time her calm can be destroyed. - fetchbeer)

38. Philith

(This explains things all too well, To think her angry bunny came from a spell! - fetchbeer)

39. Hazzdawg

40. SeaBastian

41. CuriousPony

42. Invidlord

43. AmbroseButtercrust

44. Prismatic Pretzel

45. Delta Pangaea

46. Letator

(Oh Celestia, the pun! :D -Lunar)

47. TrilightDashie

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  1. I see a lot of touching images in this weeks Wrap Up, some even brought me to tears.