Sunday, 15 July 2012

Week 55 Wrap Up

Greetings, everypony, and welcome to the 55th Wrap-Up, hosted by your friendly neighborhood Lunar Apologist!

So, I know I promised (threatened?) ramblings this week, but...  I just can't think of anything to ramble about at the moment!  Maybe it's for the best, right?  I mean, I doubt anypony really wants to read through all that nonsense when they could just be skipping to the ponies.  I mean, ponies trumps rambles every time, as far as I know!  And since that's the case, I need to know: are you all ready for ponies?

I said, are you all READY for PONIES!?

I hope you are, because let me tell you what; these ponies are ready!  There are lots of entries this week, full of ponies chomping at the bit and rarin' for some action - and who are we to deny them?  Let's stop waiting, and get down and do this thing!

01. Xanderreh

You have done just fine - and I'm loving the atmosphere you've created in this! -Lunar

02. Lemonite

03. Nephutis

04. DarkMage2

This is how I often feel, with tools ready but lacking zeal. - fetchbeer

05. Coin-Trip39

This is just so stylish and dynamic and amazing and just... oh gosh! Excellent work! :D -Lunar

06. Machinimator

07. Semicolon Dash / Valaraukador

So this is how Sweetiebot was made, now she'll just want a nice upgrade. - fetchbeer

08. Legeden

09. smega39

10. demented-Mr-Paulsen

I love that you used this meme :D FOR THE EMPRAH! -Lunar

11. Runbow Dash

12. Miroslav46

It's great to have you back! And I think you HAVE gotten better :) -Lunar

13. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

14. DarkAudacity - Darry

The princess looks very stern, her enemies will soon learn. - fetchbeer

15. Glaive-Silver

Baking: SRS BZNSS, GUYS. -Lunar

16. exoteeque

17. 2-Nobody-2

With these books Twilight prepares for fun, at long last the night has begun! - fetchbeer

18. CuriousPony

19. phallen1

These ponies are ready for a race, though we all know who won't take first place. - fetchbeer

20. MingoZK

21. RazorSharpFang

22. hip-indeed

Though this pony smiles they still look nervous, but this heroic pony is at your service. - fetchbeer

23. ZeldaTheSwordsman

24. BWOSandman

25. AdriLati

Do not cross Luna when she's on the run, for the fight has not yet begun. - fetchbeer

26. DShou/DSkyo

Aw, sorry to hear that! But, you've gotta do what you've gotta do, and we look forward to seeing you back with us again sometime :) -Lunar

27. dream-phoenix

Very stylish! We're glad to have you, and I look forward to seeing more from you! :D -Lunar

28. Sokolas

This filly is protected by a special pot, now to find the treasure she's long sought!

29. dmtactical

30. SamuelEAllen

Pretty sure I read a fic like this once... -Lunar

31. Predelnik

32. AmbroseButtercrust

Can I say enough how much I love your linework, here (especially after finding out it was done with a brush pen)? I posit that no, I cannot. -Lunar

33. kits

Yay, Kits! Great to have you back :) -Lunar

34. Stingray970

35. Jezendar

36. Hazzdawg

I am not sure whether to scared or not, though all these ponies seem distraught! - fetchbeer

37. Prismatic Pretzel

38. Bebsynerate

For a first time, I'd say you've done quite well for yourself! It's awesome to have friends who can help you out when learning a new program :) -Lunar

39. 11meister

I think you have absolutely no need to be disappointed! This is really quite an amazing piece, even if it's not quite what you wanted. -Lunar

40. Lamia

41. brookedaninja

42. Greeny-Nyte

43. GoggleSparks

Little Dinky will not play nice, she will put Nyx on ice! - fetchbeer

44. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

45. Natural-Melody

46. Darkmattersamurai

47. SolidLlama

48. SparroeSong

49. fiendaffliction

50. Apple-Jack1000

51. MilesDerpy

52. Irlycantthinkofaname

This pony looks ready for any battle, is he standing against a heard of cattle? - fetchbeer

53. ForswornBanana

54. Endoriazel

55. ashantiaja

Pinkie is ready to take a trip, and her new hairdo is rather hip! - fetchbeer

56. kingarthur59

57. PsychedelicSkooma

58. Maddog10-20

59. exoteeque

60. Shammysteak

Good to see that Twi has the common sense to keep her helmet ON in an alien environment. The rest of the crew needs to be taking notes. -Lunar

61. ArkadyAdler

62. KatTayle

63. nadiki

Ready to art! :D -Lunar

64. DanTR (a.k.a Eliel Micmás)

65. AaronMk

I have no idea what this picture means, but at least he isn't cuddling a can of sardines. - fetchbeer

66. MoonlightScribe

Aw, I think this matches up with the theme just fine! And don't fret too much, we've all been there. You'll get it next time! -Lunar

67. RedSoul411

68. Broken Hero

You can't go wrong with goggles and knives, for so armed this pony always arrives! - fetchbeer

69. DarkFlareAlchemist

70. JunaE_CBS

71. TerribleTransit

72. Acceleron

Nopony can match her with a sword, her threat can't be easily ignored. - fetchbeer

73. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

74. JimTheCactus

75. Philith

76. NightOfAccordionSax

With this gun Twilight can not miss, her enemies will soon know the abyss. - fetchbeer

77. Delta Pangaea

78. Invidlord

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  1. Wow! Good to see so many people are using the secondary upload this week!