Sunday, 22 July 2012

Week 56 Wrap-up

Oh right, I have to write this thing too.  Sigh.  Very well then.

You all know I'm bad at rambling already.  So, ponies.  Really, really fast ones.  Here they are:

01. Semicolon Dash

02. BluBlur

03. demented-Mr-Paulsen

If you need a pony to do insane things, this name always to my mind springs! - fetchbeer

04. Runbow Dash

05. DanTR (a.k.a Eliel Micmás)

06. GoggleSparks

Pony robots with rocket hooves, of such things Dinky approves! - fetchbeer

07. SamuelEAllen

08. klystron2010

Through time and space this pony flies, solving any problems that arise! - fetchbeer

09. Lamia

10. MingoZK

11. RedSoul411

Nopony is faster than this scooter filly, just don't make her wear something frilly! - fetchbeer

12. S3-N0

13. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

14. Coin-Trip39

No other pony could look better on a missile riding, it is so much faster than boring gliding! - fetchbeer

15. hip-indeed

16. ganonlink

17. Firehazard14

Two ponies fight with swords and blood, though soon one will be lying in the mud. - fetchbeer

18. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

20. exoteeque

21. exoteeque

22. DarkMage2

23. TheWormOuroboros

Sirens have always been Rainbow Dash's bane, but for once to the cops she need not explain. - fetchbeer

24. Ahintofawesome

25. Predelnik

26. Acceleron

Soarin' will get the Polecats free, though first to safety he must flee. - fetchbeer

27. Hazzdawg

28. ZeldaTheSwordsman

29. ArmoredPegasus

30. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

Who takes a nap in the middle of the street, but why find a bed when you're so beat? - fetchbeer

31. MoonlightScribe

32. phallen1

Trust your letters to this mail mare, and your post will soon be there! - fetchbeer

33. BrokenHero0409

34. AmbroseButtercrust

35. Delta Pangaea

Is this pony fast at taking candy? If only for the party they'd hand out brandy! - fetchbeer

36. Prismatic Pretzel

37. Invidlord

38. Lamia

Why exactly is plaid so fast? Especially when crossing space so vast? - fetchbeer

39. EricaC78
A little on the mature side of the humor spectrum.  Click here to view!

40. dmtactical

That is one way to get your speed, though with gasses the safety labels you must heed! - fetchbeer

41. Philith

42. TerribleTransit

43. Muffinsforever

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