Sunday, 9 September 2012

Week 63 Wrap Up

Heya, everypony! As per usual, it's your friendly neighborhood Lunar Apologist here to guide you through this week's wrap up!

And what a wrap up it is! It's great to see so many of you carrying on after the NATG, and so many others keepin' on as normal :)  Because of that, we've got a fair selection of ponies doing all kinds of recovering - from chillin' out, maxin', relaxin' all cool, to working on personal projects, to resting up and focusing on getting better!

(As a side note, I think it's pretty interesting that it seems that Pinkie is the one stuck in a hospital bed most frequently this week.  I'd like to know what led you all to do that! :O)

Well, that's about all I've got for this week!  If you don't feel like reading more, skip past the break and get with your ponies!  I won't be offended; that's what we're all here for, after all!  Otherwise, read on for more questions posed to you all!

So, after some of you got back to me, it was kinda decided that we'll leave all your comments in - which, honestly, I like!  It can lend a nice emphasis or counterpoint to what you drew, or help get across how you were feeling before or after doing it to others.  And, so long as we all know that we're doing that, we know to write for everyone with those comments!  And Admin comments are staying, because I like doing them, and I know some folks (myself included) like receiving them!  So, I guess the question now becomes: just how much ramblin' do you all want to see over here?  Would you prefer a wham-bam, here's your ponies kind of post?  Or, do you find it at all entertaining when I go off on some kind of story or tangent?  Or something in the middle?

After all, this group is for you guys!  We may run it, but only because we thought the NATG was fantastic and wanted to keep going - and if there's one thing the NATG was about, it was ponies.  Ponies and community.  If there were two things the NATG was about, it was ponies, community, and self-improvement!  Three things!  Ponies, community, self-improvement, and having fun!

I'll go out and come back in again.

Have some ponies!

01. Metaright
Why is a pony fighting a ghost? It makes no sense!

(I just hope their Pokeball is furnished nicely :( -Lunar)

02. Mark Elling
Recovering from a stressful day with a nice read~

(I'm Lunar Apologist, and I approve this method. -Lunar)

03. Mark Elling
Some ponies relaxing~

04. PseudoSharp

(Come to think of it I have no idea how pinkie would be able to recover at a hospital since she is generally all over the place all the time. - Arcum)

05. DarkMage2/Darkicus

06. ganonlink
Recovering HP.

07. HeFFatos

08. Natsusume

(Sleeping on the moon would definitely have its benefits. Mostly I don't see anypony bothering you. -Arcum)

09. Runbow Dash

10. Pio21

11. Socksthewarrior

12. Ordinary Differential Equation

(Yay, heals! -Lunar)

13. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

(You can't rest yet, AJ!  You've still got to get those apples stored! -Lunar)

14. SamuelEAllen
Technically it's a cat, not a pony, recovering, but knowing Opal, Rarity will have some recovering to do soon enough.

(My money's on the former, Rarity. -Lunar)

15. DCHorror

(Shoulda known better than to try and go drink-for-drink with Big Mac, AJ! -Lunar)

16. DignitySquared
This is the first thing I've ever submitted to this group. c:

(Welcome, and congrats on a first entry! :D -Lunar)

17. Renigami
Even teachers need some refresing recovery periods.

(Ain't that the truth!- Lunar)

18. Renigami
Soe Close recovering with an energy drink.

19. aj_joe
Again I want to say thanks for letting me be a part of this group. So here is my first submission for this week theme: a pony recovering

(Congrats on first entry, and I approve of Ponyball Z. -Lunar)

20. Legeden

21. Hazzdawg

22. Antošík

23. Norque

24. 11meister
Here's Little Pip, recovering after the events of Chapter 3 of Fallout:Equestria. Done as a free commission for Neva22. I tried to blend a pencil drawing with digital shading. Let me know if you think it worked.

(I think it did!  :) -Lunar)

25. ScuriLevenstein

(Hah!  I love it! -Lunar)

26. hip-indeed

(Is it wrong that I imagined her with the Doctor Claw voice? -Lunar)

27. Brave3
Bro what you looking at?

(A super-adorable pony, is what! -Lunar)

28. GoggleSparks

29. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

30. Aethel-Wulf

31. ThunderShock

(There are times when you need to sleep and there are times where you NEED TO SLEEP, so much so that you don't even care where or how you do it. It seems like this is one of those times. - Arcum)

32. Spark Burst
Princess Luna rests after a long nights work.

33. asluc96

(Like... funny-haha, or funny-ohgodwhy?  There's a big difference! D: -Lunar)

34. ybrik
Feedback would be most appreciated

(I don't have much room for a real critique or anything, but I know that feeling! -Lunar)

35. Prismatic Pretzel

36. The Laughing Horror

(Pony automail! :O -Lunar)

37. The Laughing Horror

38. dmtactical
Octavia resting, cause sandwiches are soft

(This is the most sensical nonsense image I've seen in a long time.  Well done! :D -Lunar)

39. The Skullivan
My first entry for the ATG Alumni! This feels like it'll be a good way to keep myself going on this whole 'art' thing now that I'm not working for Phoe in the NATG anymore. :P

(Congrats on continuing with us!  And poor Berry Punch :( -Lunar)

40. BrokenHero0409

41. phallen1

(Ponies parachuting!  I love it! -Lunar)

42. Delta Pangaea
Green Herbs!

(NOM NOM NOM -Lunar)

43. JunaE_CBS
To not clutter everything with the individual poses, I kept them here:

(These are looking great, JunaE!  Very animatic-like. -Lunar)

44. Dane W.
Noir Lyra is best Lyra

(I knew the mare was trouble as soon as she walked through my door. -Lunar)

45. Draco Icarus
First week submitting to the alumni group...I hope I did this all right. Also, I had a long week :\

(You absolutely did! And I hope next week is a little better! -Lunar)

46. Invidlord

47. Jeff Martinez

48. Jezendar

49. ZeldaTheSwordsman