Sunday, 16 September 2012

Week 64 Wrap Up

Welcome, everypony, to a special robot-filled wrap-up!  I'm going to tell you that it was totally planned to have these equines powered by 64-bit OSes featured here in Week 64, because that is completely trueCompletely.  I don't know why you're doubting me on this!

Anyhow, moving along!  As you can see, we've got a superb assortment of mechanized, cyberized, and just plain motorized ponies for your perusal this evening.

Oop, watch where you walk!  Some of them are rather pointy, and all of them are generally unyielding in terms of tactility.  Also, I'm not sure about that Trixingno character.  He seems like he's up to something.  I've been assured that he's Three Laws Safe, however, so it's probably my imagination, haha!

So, let's get to examining these positronic ponies, shall we?

(Also, be sure to check the group page for next week's themes!)

01. ganonlink

Sweetie bot has a lovely voice, with each new song we all rejoice! ~ fetchbeer

02. The Laughing Horror

03. Scyphi

In his planning the Doctor was not discrete, now these metal monsters all scream DELETE! ~ fetchbeer

04. HeFFatos
A perfect example of what I wouldn't like to see in the show (robots and similar stuff).

05. aj_joe
Lyra has found a new alternative to get hands: Infuse herself with nanites and build a mechanical pair with them XD

This is just excellent in so many ways, I don't even know how to tell you! -Lunar

06. Mark Elling
For normal ponies this would be an adventure. For Scootaloo this is Wednesday.

She will use her scooter to it's full effect, and soon all these robotic ponies will be wrecked! ~ fetchbeer

07. Hazzdawg
At least Spades is starting to go on the offensive.

08. GonzaHerMeg
Dashie tries the new coop mode of Team Fortress 2.

09. SamuelEAllen

The robot takeover we did not foresee, though we should have been tipped off by the giant key. ~ fetchbeer

10. thebigapple
Capture complete.

11. The Laughing Horror

12. AmbroseButtercrust

13. DCHorror

If Dashie did not want metal wings, she really should have stopped crashing into things. ~ fetchbeer

14. Jdan-S

Totes installing her in my heart-drive. -Lunar

15. ThunderShock

16. GoggleSparks

17. John Jocoo

With robot legs AJ can buck forever more, even while her brain does snore! ~ fetchbeer

18. SSJ4Raditz

This reminds me of old serial Sci-Fi - I like it! -Lunar

19. hip-indeed

This mare seems to be so very bored, though her opponents I think will soon be floored. ~ fetchbeer

20. Trixingno

So good to see you getting along with your sister, Trix! -Lunar

21. smega39

22. Renigami
Robot pony?! Naw. Here's robot chicken instead.

The things that Twilight makes her watch, drive this filly to drink scotch! ~ fetchbeer

23. Norque

24. Pio21
Something i made really quickly, can't do better today...

25. ScuriLevenstein

26. Gallade77
Just a quick something for this weeks theme. And hooray for my first image submitted to the group!

Still excellent, and congrats on first image! :D -Lunar

27. M3ales
We are the Borg. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Resistance is futile -- - First submission to the group.

We will soon find all resistance to be futile, and the ends we meet will be so brutal. ~ fetchbeer

28. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

29. Cynos-Zilla

30. Dane W.

Thanks for getting that song in my head stuck, I think I'll go stand before a truck. ~ fetchbeer

31. The Laughing Horror
Sweetie bot's finish needs a bit of touching up

32. Philith

The Robot Devil's made a lousy trade, and with his hooves is quite dismayed! ~ fetchbeer

33. Nevillucy

34. Metaright

35. Timidus Artifex

This show I wood soon attend, though I think I already know the end! ~ fetchbeer

36. drmario711

37. Draco Icarus
Cyborg ponies count, right?

38. VG-Phil
"You don't know pride; you don't know fear. You don't know anything. You'll be perfect. "

I'll let the expendable robots perform the trials, for their mistakes brink me smiles! ~ fetchbeer

39. Ordinary Differential Equation
The gradient tool exists to be abused.

40. Delta Pangaea
Heavy Metal!

41. Socksthewarrior
this was the first version of this oc i drew. the later versions had gore so i loaded this one.

42. Prismatic Pretzel

43. Invidlord
I find this Gallery's lack of Trix disturbing.

Hail the roboverlord! -Lunar  

44. ZeldaTheSwordsman

45. Heireau
Sketchy mech-y ponyyy-

46. theWalterX
R-Dash 5000 vs. Megamare? I don't even.

47. Thattagen
I woulda finished this, but I have to get up early!

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