Sunday, 23 September 2012

Week 65 Wrap Up





Those bits and dollars, all in these absolutely ridiculous piles.  I mean, everyone keeps telling me to keep it in a bank instead.  Something about dividends and returns and BORING.  How are we supposed to bathe in bits if it's in a bank, I ask you?  Answer: you can't.  And it's just that simple!

And you know what, having all this loot around also helps remind me of the things that are even more important, even if we can't pile them up as well.  Things like knowledge, and friends, and beauty, and all those "simple" things.  Money can't buy happiness, after all.

(Though it can make the vacations where you find it that much better).

Now, come on!  Quit gawking and roll around in here with us!  The cash is fine!

01. Runbow Dash

02. KatTayle
Her name is Golden Silver. She is a really wealthy unicorn, and can buy anything she wants. In fact, she got plastic surgery to give her wings and get dollar signs in her eyes (Equestria has great technology). She's pretty much a million dollar bill ponified.

A pony with a mane of cash? I bet in clubs they are a smash! - fetchbeer

03. Tony "Giggle Tail" Saylor
It had to be done. 'Nuff said.

I can't look at this and think anything but "AWWW YEAH, ROLLIN' IN DOUGH, BABY," even though I know muffins are made from batter. -Lunar

04. LonMcGregor
---BookStuck--- A Lack Of Wealth in their family, and yet Twilight could still make do with the few books available, well into the night. Truly, she had wealth, of those she loved and in her profound knowledge, even at such an early age.

05. exoteeque

What have you dooooone!? -Lunar

06. aj_joe
Filthy Rich as a Texan in an oil extraction field.

This pony really likes his crude! To bad it's now in his food... - fetchbeer

07. /)awesome_luna(\
a doodle i did in psychology, vectored in inkscape and finished in photoshop

Cha-ching! -Lunar

08. Princess Ataxia

09. ganonlink

Bits falling from the air, though you should do more than stare! - fetchbeer

10. smega39

I have now imagined Dash with an Irish accent, and I can't stop.  -Lunar

11. HeFFatos
I hope you like it!

It's adorable :) -Lunar

12. phallen1
Handsome Jack, CEO of Hyperion Corporation and the villain-apparent of Borderlands 2, is so obscenely wealthy and so obscenely evil that he had a living pony made of diamond created, just to show off. The diamond pony's name is Butt-Stallion. His life is agony. And that's the way Handsome Jack likes it.

Skin of diamond goes to far, but his tastes are quite bizarre. - fetchbeer

13. GoggleSparks

D'awww! -Lunar

14. ganonlink

Pinkie has long tried to converse with trout, though in water it's hard to shout. - fetchbeer

15. ScuriLevenstein

16. Auryn
Pinkie Pie! The wealthiest pony there is according to friend count.

17. thebigapple

18. Glaive-Silver

Do not hug that robot too tight, for he may just destroy you outright! - fetchbeer

19. SamuelEAllen
There's one in every town, isn't there?

Yes, yes there is. -Lunar

20. UnlicensedBrony

21. Solomon Pider
I, uh, did the ATG for two weeks before realizing how to submit to the wrap-up blog, so I feel kinda dumb.

22. Norque

Twilight has gotten that far off stare, for sleep she should soon prepare. - fetchbeer

23. Hazzdawg
Incidentally, this is getting printed on my credit card. :D

Best. Credit card image. Ever. -Lunar

24. Drmario711
Just a wealthy pony enjoying a pint of scotch while his butler fetches him another bottle

25. exoteeque

26. TayakiNoTenshi

Do not give that mare more sweets! For she's has already overdosed on sugary treats! - fetchbeer

27. Pekusiili

28. Jezendar
Who says wealth is limited to capitalists?

29. hip-indeed

Even when blinded by the camera's flash, Photo Finish still makes a smash! - fetchbeer

30. Sokolas

Now, I ain't sayin' she's a gold digger.  But Fancy Pants is very well-to-do.  -Lunar

31. 8bitbleepbleep

32. Legeden

I hug is one of the best currencies around, though the interest does not compound. - fetchbeer

33. Mr. Jarvis

"I say!" -Lunar

34. M3ales
"You can have a wealth of just about anything, even intangible and abstract concepts, similar to how I have a wealth of loathing for all you organics."

35. Dane W.
Not my best work (curse you time constraints!) But I wanted to champion this cause and show that wealth is not only found in the amount of bits you have ;)

I think that is an excellent idea :) -Lunar

36. Philith

Why does this stallion talk to a rock? Surely at him everpony will stand and gawk! - fetchbeer

37. Prismatic Pretzel

Yesss, this is what I wanted! :D -Lunar

38. A Brony Account

This unicorn looks very posh! And is showing all her panache! - fetchbeer

39. JunaE_CBS
In some alternate dimension/timeline... some dreams did come true?

Mmmm, those bits sure are comfy! -Lunar

40. The Skullivan
When I think 'rich,' I think 'swimming pool full of coins.'

Really, who doesn't? -Lunar

41. ashantiaja

To afford his doctors he must be rich, they charge so much for every stitch! - fetchbeer

42. OnYourOwnAccord

43. Muffinsoul

I really like how lively your lines are! :D -Lunar

44. Invidlord
Behold her wealth of knowledge!


45. Otterlore

Would you not give her every bit? She'll never use it for a dress unfit! - fetchbeer

46. DustyRanger

Imagine her saying "I say!  Most capital idea!"  It's kind of amazing. -Lunar

47. NicolasNonexist

48. neodorkas

Having someone to brush your mane, is worth the injury that caused the pain! - fetchbeer

49. ChamomileTung

50. ThunderShock0823

So fancy! -Lunar

51. Socksthewarrior

52. Delta Pangaea

Even a single bit can be a fortune in the right hooves! -Lunar

53. demented-Mr-Paulsen
i'm back.

Glad to have you back! :D -Lunar

54. Draco Icarus

55. Rytel
Fancypants: The classiest boxer that ever lived. (Good luck learning the timing on his combos.)

56. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi
This six wealthiest girls I know.

Awwww! <3 - Lunar

57. ZeldaTheSwordsman
Lotto ticket

Winning! Winning! -Lunar

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