Sunday, 30 September 2012

Week 66 Wrap Up

Alright, class, settle down, settle down. 

You know, scratch that.  I was going to be doing a school-themed post over here, but I figure enough of us spend time in a classroom on a daily basis that none of us need more of it over here as well!  Ponies are for fun, not for fancy book-learnin' and whatnot.

And really, most of the greatest things we learn had nothing to do with being inside a classroom, anyway.  So, I'll just say that I hope you've learned something, this week - about yourselves, about drawing, about anything! After all, learning is what keeps us growing; not only as artists, but as people.

Aw, this is gettin' sappy.  Let's just have a look at some pony, shall we?

Gallery for pony in school or learning

01. thebigapple

Just stick that squid thing on your hoof, and it will make the aliens all go poof! - fetchbeer

02. Firegoddess2148
Butter Drop (Generation 3 toy) learning to bake!

03. Japanese Teeth
Could have been more complex (I was originally going to have a thought bubble with RD actually flying), but i have too much other stuff to work on.

04. SamuelEAllen
Growing up is not always easy for a walleyed pegasus, especially when school is involved.

On her work Derpy just can't focus, but the teacher's wrath is just bogus! - fetchbeer

05. aj_joe
Needed another excuse to draw Generator Lyra XD

06. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi
Ah'm supposed to buck that?

This little filly thinks the tree's too big, maybe she should try to buck a twig. - fetchbeer

07. vguy11
well here it, have a nice day!

08. jaybeebug

09. Ashantiaja

Is this a pony playing violin in a tree? A practice position that seems quite gutsy. - fetchbeer

10. TheLastUnknown223

11. Ybrik
We will all be in school, FOREEEVER

Work is indeed much like school, but your boss will yell more if you drool. - fetchbeer

12. Runbow Dash

13. hip-indeed

This cutting implement has me worried, I just hope that pip is unhurried. - fetchbeer

14. demented-Mr-Paulsen
sorry, i couldn't think of anything else. to be fair it is a learning insitute

15. ScuriLevenstein

16. Invidlord
What? Dash has no time for School!

Why would dash flip the poor table? Sure to study she is able! - fetchbeer

17. exoteeque

18. Hazzdawg
Stop looking at me like that, Spades. I've already drawn you! What more do you want? WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME? D:

I think his tail is still wagging, as his desire to be drawn is unflagging. - fetchbeer

19. Forward Bias

20. BrokenHero0409

I did this in some classes to the professor's protests, but he was happy that I still passed all my tests. - fetchbeer

21. Philith

22. phallen1
We all hit a few bumps when we first learned to drive, right?

I wonder on her test what Twilight scored, for at the repair bill she'll be abhorred. - fetchbeer

23. FuzzyStreak
Studying light

24. Prismatic Pretzel

Of course Derpy would eat lunch while flying round while her friends sit on the ground. - fetchbeer

25. Octavia-Sandwich

26. AmbroseButtercrust

27. Delta Pangaea

I've heard that schoolfillies are quite naughty, maybe this one knows karate. - fetchbeer

28. Jezendar
Littlepip learning the code for Stable 2's entrance. Work-in-progress; complete image (including speech bubble) should be ready within a couple of hours.

29. UnlicensedBrony

30. Glaive-Silver

31. ZeldaTheSwordsman

32. StillWatersPony

33. NicolasNonexist

34. NyanMaster

35. Norque

36. ThunderShock0823

37. Sokolas

38. A Brony Account

39. neodorkas


41. GvimBlade

42. Muffinsoul

43. Natural-Melody

44. StillWatersPony

45. Paladin-Drakkenwolf

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