Sunday, 4 November 2012

Week 71 Wrap Up


Greetings, everypony!  I bid you... velcome.

Please!  Be seated!  Perhaps I can get you somethink to drink vhile ve vait, hmm?  Ah, do not be vorried.  Vhile my manner and... teeth... may suggest othervise, here, ve prefer to drink... vine.  I am simply examinink your neck for... aesthetic reasons.  Yes.  Yes, that is vhy.  No other reasons vhatsoever.  I certainly vould not be considerink... any manner of... bite...

Ahem!  Pay no attention!  Perhaps I can ease your mind vith ponies, hmm?  Yes, this vould be best, I think.  Now, gaze, gaze into the screen!  Gaze, and feast your eyes on the spooky Nightmare Night ponies vithin!

01. olywolf

It seems Luna can still make new friends, though afterwards the floor she needs to cleanse. - fetchbeer

02. Mark Elling
Five's looking kinda spooky when he's all busted.

03. GoggleSparks

Such an adorable mail carrier Dinky makes, is she correcting her mother's mistakes? - fetchbeer

04. SamuelEAllen
For Nightmare Night, Applejack always make an Applejack-O-Lantern

05. Tony "Giggle Tail" Saylor
This is probably the most bizarre and nonsensical drawing I have ever submitted to DA, and I love it :D

This has got to be the scariest costume yet, just seeing it makes me tremble and sweat! - fetchbeer

06. Socksthewarrior

07. DAbestpony
A (subtle) rossover with the Magic School Bus. The costume is from "Butterfly and the Bog Beast"

08. AmbroseButtercrust
Not very scary, I'm afraid...

Not scary you try to say, but mixed colors cause such dismay! - fetchbeer

09. The Laughing Horror
The Headless Scooter of Sleepy Ponyville

Of course that filly deserves a fright, I bet the crusaders are laughing in delight! - fetchbeer

10. BrokenHero0409

11. NeonBlonde1138

Twilight seems to be quite disturbed, I wonder by what her walk was curbed! - fetchbeer

12. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

13. Spark Plug
For those who don't know what a BigDog robot is, here's the vid link! :

I think Lyra would have preferred a bot with hands, Though she'd also want it to follow her commands! - fetchbeer

15. The Skullivan
Kidnap the Sandy Claws, beat him with a stick! Lock him up for ninety years, see what makes him tick!

These fillies seem to have obtained some nasty thoughts, I just hope they don't lead to evil plots. - fetchbeer

16. GoggleSparks

17. Scyphi

I sure hope they aren't solving crimes, for surely Derpy would accuse a bowl of limes. - fetchbeer

18. DarkMage2/Darkicus

I really like the atmosphere you've got, here! -Lunar

19. hip-indeed

Try convince Twilight this is a ghost, she'll probably tell you that with insanity you should be diagnosed. - fetchbeer

20. Fuzzy Acorn Industries
Queen Chrysalis does not need a costume to be scary.

Apparently not! -Lunar

21. Hazzdawg

Are you going as an Amish or a Quaker, if you make furniture you could be a shaker. - fetchbeer

22. Princess Ataxia

Yikes, that IS scary! D: -Lunar

23. Runbow Dash

I would have thought Dash would have a wonderbolt outfit, for her love for them she'll readily admit! - fetchbeer

24. Delta Pangaea
He IS the Pumpkin King!

25. aj_joe
No books and no study make Twilight go crazy

If twilight's axing you would deter, all you need do is throw a book at her. - fetchbeer

26. Solomon Pider

This is so weird and amazing and I love it! :D -Lunar

27. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

Stay away from me you evil spy! I am far to young to die! - fetchbeer

28. Glaive-Silver
Evil eyes? Bedroom eyes? Both, perhaps?

Your confusion is just as planned. -Lunar

29. GvimBlade

Is it just cute or does it want my blood? That stare just makes my heart go thud. - fetchbeer

30. evilbit-01
Hurricane fluttershy, frankenstorm, nightmare night? Well... Frankenstein's monster's bride. This must be a recurring thing, megastorms on Halloween, two feet of snow last Halloween and a once in a lifetime hurricane this year!

31. Invidlord

Chrysalis doesn't even need a mask, though to recover now I'll need my flask. - fetchbeer

32. Philith

33. dmtactical
I'm rather embarrassed about the quality of this one but it's reason to do better next time!

Just as long as she doesn't move my stuff, that could end up rather rough. - fetchbeer

34. Prismatic Pretzel

35. phallen1
Twenty-eight days, six hours, forty-two minutes, twelve seconds. That is when the world will end.

I was wondering where that crashed pegasus came from, that disaster left me rather numb. - fetchbeer

36. Thattagen
Maryo and Potter-Sue! Let's-a go!

37. Drakmire
Messier than I'd like, but that's always going to be the case.

Still delightfully creepy! -Lunar

38. klystron2010
"Corpse Bride" crossover.

39. Jezendar
One of these days, I'm going to submit something during the weekdays, instead of at the last minute...

Happens to the best of us! -Lunar

40. Cold in Gardez
A Luna's Guard Pegasus (i.e. Batpony), or someone with a really good batpony costume.

Either way, it looks amazing! Well done! -Lunar

41. Dane W.
Ponification of the Awesome Game They Bleed Pixels! Hopefully someone gets the reference... Rushed to get it done, but I think it looks okay, man was the purple pony on the right a challenge!

I totally got it :) -Lunar

42. A Brony Account

Sweet Celestia, that is cute and terrifying all at once D: -Lunar

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