Sunday, 25 November 2012

Week 74 Wrap Up

Howdy, everypony!  And welcome to a fire-filled wrap up!

Ah, fire!  Where would we be without it?  It warms us up, it cooks our food, it smelts our metals, it powers our steam engines, and, when circumstances absolutely require it, it's the second-best option to nuking something from orbit.  And second-best ain't bad!  And while you're purging the undead, you can do it with a mug of hot cocoa in hoof.  I call that a win, and it's all thanks to that fabulous flickering flame!

I do confess, I'm a little sad that we're generally lacking in drills this week - especially flaming ones.  Not even a single Simon pony!  Still, we can't be too down - you all have turned in a red-hot passel of pyrophilic ponies, and really, who could ask for anything more?  So, let's descend into the heart of the inferno, and see just what we've got!

01. Scyphi

This pony burns across the night sky, probably in search of a fresh pie! - fetchbeer

02. The Laughing Horror

Did she fly to close to the sun? Surely burning is not much fun! - fetchbeer

03. smega39

04. TheWormOuroboros

Some ponies want to watch the world burn, but others to the next page will soon turn. - fetchbeer

05. Tony "Giggle Tail" Saylor
I don't even know this time.

I don't either, but I laughed all the same :) -Lunar

06. A Brony Account

With a dragon he plays with fire, I hope his goals aren't too dire! - fetchbeer

07. cassy1235

08. Sokolas

Tongs and glowing chunks of steel, the forge's fire they love to feel. - fetchbeer

09. DAbestpony
I shouldn't have asked why my hot cocoa went cold!

10. SamuelEAllen
Twilight's Number One Coffee Maker

Twilight is like me on any morning, and those around her need a warning. - fetchbeer

11. SageEarth

I see what you did there, and I heartily approve. -Lunar

12. fiendaffliction

Surely flames should not be that shade of blue, could she find another hue? - fetchbeer

13. hip-indeed

14. dmtactical
Thanks Dave Simon, I'll never think of fire the same again.

Burning ponies should be extinguished, for love this hot just leaves them anguished! - fetchbeer

15. JasperW
Fire and ice. See how this goes:

16. Elsendor
Ash is the best fertilizer.

Even in the fire's ashy wake, new life it's foothold takes. - fetchbeer

17. Sovwi

This is brilliant!  I wonder if this is how meals always go with those two... -Lunar

18. DarkMage2/Darkicus

Twilight her anger should control, for things are melting while she takes a stroll. - fetchbeer

19. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

20. ScuriLevenstein

I didn't think gems were so fattening, some exercise could cause some belly flattening. - fetchbeer

21. Solomon Pider

22. GvimBlade

Be careful when you shake a hoof, for nopony is fire proof! - fetchbeer

23. aj_joe

24. Sturs
I got nuttin'

pop music like a fire rages, that keeps one burning for countless ages. - fetchbeer

25. Philith

26. Delta Pangaea
Why did it scan so light?

Is your mane supposed to be incandescent? Would you like a fire suppressant? - fetchbeer

27. The Laughing Horror

Huzzah for the drill! -Lunar

28. phallen1
Burning Mare!

In the desert these ponies mass, to ignite a giant made of twigs and grass! - fetchbeer

29. BrokenHero0409

Hay yeah, Pinkie Pie-ro! -Lunar

30. klystron2010

31. Invidlord

32. ZeldaTheSwordsman

33. Hazzdawg
Work in progress. Don't steal Trix's hat, kids.

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