Sunday, 11 November 2012

Week 72 Wrap Up




Let's take a break from that awesome guitar solo to say welcome to the wrap up, everypony!  This week is a veritable cavalcade of perfectly preposterous power!  It's absolutely incredible!  Can't you feel it?  The air around us positively crackles with the stuff!

Oh, no, wait, that's the bag of peanut brittle I was standing on.  Man, who would even put something like that there?

No matter!  Let's see what our scouter has to say about the power levels here!  They're sure to be incredibly significant, numerically!  Now if I can just figure out how to work it...  I mean, it seems pretty easy, it's just the one button, right?  Can't be that hard.  No, no, just wait; I'll get it.

Come on, why you you inset the button?  Don't they know how how hard that is to press when you've got hooves?  And how do you navigate this dumb menu with just the one button, anyway?  This thing makes no sense and having the screen that close to my eye is giving me a headache.

Alright, forget that, scouters are for stupids who are dumb.  We don't need them!  All we want is raw, unbridled, FIGHTING SPIRIT!  That's what really counts!  A pony who can fight to make the world that matches their desires!  Well, that, and political power, since, ah, that's important, if you're reshaping the world!  And, um, electricity, too!  Because reading in the dark is not so good.  And... anything that's stronger than usual, like a smell, or an emotion.

You know what, this is silly!  Let's just appreciate the power for what it is, and take a look at all the ponies you drew that have it!

01. RandomNinja

So much power has this pony amassed, they seem to be channeling an electric blast! - fetchbeer

02. Elsendor
TerribleTransit and his fic Nightlights drove me to fanart. Hence, Lyra with failsafe spell powers. This is my first submission, so please let me know if there's anything I need to change! :) Thanks!

03. Elsendor
Don't mess with Twi. :)

Her glowing eyes reveal her power, though I hope her soul it does not devour. - fetchbeer

04. DAbestpony
A ponified scene from "The Magic School Bus Kicks up a Storm". Here in this imagine spot, Ralphie believes that he is The Weatherpony who has the power to control weather and even create a thunderstorm, despite being an earth pony.

05. A Lesson about Power
Being an authority figure is not just about attaining power for yourself, but passing it on to others.

Learning is always an ambitious goal, though it takes time and self control. - fetchbeer

06. SproutInk
Looks like Rainbow Dash got a little super-sonic-speed-happy.

07. Dahngrest

For the buttons her hooves are too large, but her smile this glove still does enlarge. - fetchbeer

08. Scyphi

09. The Laughing Horror
I am the Alpha.I am the Omega.I am the beginning.I am the end.Creator of life.Bringer of death.My will is the will of all.I make New become Old.I create New from Old.Time, Life, Matter meaningless

The threads of life sometimes break, and then a new shape they soon take. - fetchbeer

10. DarkMage2/Darkicus

11. hip-indeed

12. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

Who can resist the power of hugs? They'll make you even happier than drugs! - fetchbeer

13. Elsendor
AVATAR STATE--oh wait wrong show.

14. M00n-Gl0w
The Road of a WhiteSmith.

With his mane he swings his hammer, for this pony there is no glamor. - fetchbeer

15. ganonlink

16. ganonlink

No other pony can charge a cloud, so that it's thunder is half as loud! - fetchbeer

17. Runbow Dash

18. Delta Pangaea

Twilight believes there's power in all her books, even if others give her dirty looks. - fetchbeer

19. ScuriLevenstein

20. Schluberlubs

Poor Fluttershy never saw the knife, that plunged into her and took her life. - fetchbeer

21. aj_joe

22. The Skullivan
Gakpony! With the power of Gak!

23. Invidlord
Powerful Ponies overpowered... by Love <3 data-blogger-escaped-span="span">

There are better ways to ask a pony out, instead of having to stare and shout. - fetchbeer

24. Prismatic Pretzel

25. phallen1

Twilight loves how the game does change, and that the little pieces she gets to arrange! - fetchbeer

26. Philith
Oh this won't end well.

27. Solomon Pider

28. AmbroseButtercrust
Drunk With Power!

29. DCHorror

The villains keep Celestia always busy, it's a wonder that her mane doesn't go all frizzy! - fetchbeer

30. ZeldaTheSwordsman
I know, it's mainly a mod...

31. A Brony Account
My OC is waaaaaay overpowered!

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