Sunday, 18 November 2012

Week 73 Wrap Up

Howdy, everypony!  Feel free to skip this bit tonight, it's just a lot of rambling because I am the best maek poast and the deadline is rapidly approaching.  Ramble Mode: ENGAGED!

It seems like, for these entries, I really have to just start blathering on and on and eventually they lead me somewhere!  I don't know what it is about Blogger that makes it so difficult to get started.  Maybe it's all the blank space around?  Makes me feel like I'm sullying it by starting.  I could do with a little more text about the place.  A little LESS neatness.  Or something!

Anyway, welcome to the wrap-up!  We've got a whole bushel of imperious, empirical ponies for you!  I'm pretty sure that's not the right unit to be using for ponies, but I'm going to use it, and you all can't stop me! Just try!  I'll get it mandated by imperial decree, and we'll see who's crazy then!

I mean, it's still going to be me.  That's a given.  But I'll be right and crazy, and that's the best kind! Maybe even better than the talking to yourself kind, but that

Yeah, I've got no idea what I'm doing here.  On with the ponies!

01. Wanderer93
Just wanted to learn

The ponies spread even across space! Their friendship you mush learn to embrace! - fetchbeer

02. ganonlink

03. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

Twilight has quite the stare! Of a new book has she become aware? - fetchbeer

04. hip-indeed

05. DarkMage2/Darkicus

Those luminous eyes make me wary, and in the shadows she is quite scary! - fetchbeer

06. fetchbeer

ClippyLuna, noooooo! D: -Lunar

07. Legeden

This pony seems to be out of power, but at least she's not looking dour! - fetchbeer

08. GoggleSparks

09. Glaive-Silver

Black crystals would look good on her, but without restraints she would prefer. - fetchbeer

10. SamuelEAllen
You can always count on Snails to ask the questions that nopony else is asking.

The sea?  No, that doesn't seem right... -Lunar

11. ScuriLevenstein

If you want to come to the dark side, it's up to you to decide. - fetchbeer

12. DAbestpony
"According to my research, the molecular formula for sucrose or table sugar is C12H22O11. That's also its empirical or simplest formula."

This is kind of amazing :D -Lunar

13. Runbow Dash

Is this the pony you're looking for? Or is it hiding in a drawer? - fetchbeer

14. Solomon Pider

Really well done! :D -Lunar

15. Delta Pangaea

I'm afraid your hat is a tin can... Has your brain turned into flan? - fetchbeer

16. Mr. Jarvis

All hail the flying orange! At least it's not a flying door hinge? - fetchbeer

17. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

18. BrokenHero0409

I had forgotten most of the plot of these books, and now Twilight is giving me dirty looks. - fetchbeer

19. GvimBlade

Eeeee, Farseer pony! :D -Lunar

20. Sturs
It's almost 4AM and I was planning on going to bed on time today.

The royal ponies wave goodbye, it's not forever so don't you cry! - fetchbeer

21. The Laughing Horror
She rules the land with an iron squee

I, for one, welcome our new adorable overlord! -Lunar

22. The Laughing Horror
quick last minute idea

I do my job whenever I'm able, but I don't want to be a table! - fetchbeer

23. Invidlord

...Does this make Celestia the Emperor? -Lunar

24. phallen1

So this is why the Queen is lacking, and here I thought she was just slacking! - fetchbeer

25. klystron2010

:O I knew she was nefarious! For the New Lunar Republic! -Lunar

26. TerribleTransit

27. evilbit-01
Work in progress, this idea came late and the project was absolutely MASSIVE, but i had to do it! Text probably not final either xD.

28. ZeldaTheSwordsman
Lazy, I know

Cracked me up, anyway :) -Lunar

29. A Brony Account

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