Sunday, 10 March 2013

Week 89 Wrap Up

You know what's really stressful and pushes me to the limit (of my sanity)?  Writing this blog post.  I already spent my best material over on the dA journal.  So, yeah.  I don't think I'll get a Pulitzer for this.  Anyway.

There's some neat ponies below.  You should look at them, and maybe give some good feedback on them if you want to. 

01. Fetchbeer
In a con gone crazy, One zebra tries desperately to break even. Will he succeed? Or are his efforts doomed to failure?

02. hip-indeed

Has rarity sewn to much, That with reality she has lost touch? - fetchbeer

03. GoggleSparks
Dinky, what made you want to make an alicorn muffin?

04. dorkas

If a friend of yours is cursed to be a foal, in the minefield don't let them stroll. - fetchbeer

05. Hazzdawg

06. Maddog10_20
Laplace attempts to take a Multi-Variable Calculus test, despite the Trolling of the proctor.

Our inner doubts try their best to distract, but from your studies don't let them distract. - fetchbeer

07. GvimBlade

08. Random Dash
- Hi, Twilight! Are you studying for a test? What's the subject? Can I help? Can I watch? Want to see how many grapes I can fit in my mouth?

When your friends get in your mane, just try not to bring them pain. - fetchbeer

09. DAbestpony
Power Stroke's exams are nearing!

10. ScuriLevenstein

What is in this special brew that allows Pinkie to lift others with her do? - fetchbeer

11. phallen1
Colt, do you even lift?

12. klystron2010

Twilight needs to not get in such a rush, cause missing sleep turns her mind to mush. - fetchbeer

13. Philith

14. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

15. Invidlord

16. A Brony Account

 17. ZeldaTheSwordsman

18. Delta Pangaea

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