Sunday, 24 March 2013

Week 91 Wrap Up

Say... if it isn't my old nemesis, the ...wait, I did that one here already, didn't I?  Shoot!  Man, now I'm going to need to come up with my own things to say here and just bluuuuuuuh.

I am not good at the word-doings.

Well, onward and upward or whatever the phrase is!  It's actually kinda funny; we did the theme as Winter Wrap Up this week because it was the first day of Spring for the northern hemisphere, and yet good portions of Europe and North America have been more wintery this week than they had for a couple weeks prior.  Somepony needs to get those pegasi doing their jobs!

Anyway, as always, I love the things that have been done this week - from snowy to green, from straight interpretations to puns, it's all good!  Let's take a look, shall we?

01. dorkas

When even trees try to bring you low, the return of spring in naught but woe! - fetchbeer

02. Random Dash
Tulips! Tulips are awesome! And Pinkie! And spring! And butterflies! Yay!

Can I say again how much I love the detail and the perspective and just... everything here?  Because I do. -Lunar

03. Cobralash
Oops, I forgot her vest :p

The trees get to have their flowers done, so all will know the new season has begun. - fetchbeer

05. ScuriLevenstein

One wondered what he did with all those stairs, but a slinky caught me unawares. - fetchbeer

06. DAbestpony

07. aj_joe
The snow has been doubled!

Who can resist a snowy prank, especially when you are far too old to spank! - fetchbeer

08. SilverIttam
It says it's late. How odd. Anyway, this is my first submission! I hope it's up to par!

09. Jezendar

Be careful when you go to skate, or you might have a cold wet fate. - fetchbeer

10. AmbroseButtercrust

11. Invidlord
Who put me on the ice cutting team?

I would expect your stomach's getting cold, but at least your flat spin looks controlled. - fetchbeer

12. BrokenHero0409

13. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

This year Twilight will not be left behind, to the sky she's had herself assigned. - fetchbeer

14. Mixed Scales
Doesn't look like winter is leaving any time soon... Good more time for snow!

15. ThatAsian27
derpy re-upload with correct page link

She's skated very straight today, is there a reason she didn't stop to play? - fetchbeer

16. Philith

17. hip-indeed

That's gonna take her forever to brush away, but at least the snow won't be in disarray. - fetchbeer

18. Thattagen
Spring is here!

19. ZeldaTheSwordsman
Hasty Draw the plowpony.

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