Sunday, 3 March 2013

Week 88 Wrap Up

Right, time to get something done quickly over here.  I feel bad about rushing through it, but... things gotta get done!  You all know how it is, I'm sure.  Got lots of things you have to do, and not always the time needed to give all of them the proper attention they deserve!

Feels bad, pony.

Anyway, thanks for participating in this sort of jokey bookend of a theme!  I hope you had fun drawing for it, even if it could be a little... sad, at times.  But, enough of me blathering.  Why don't we get on with the ponies and see what I'm talking about, eh?

01. Scyphi
Prepare for descent...

Explosions abound near this pony's ship, now lets see her do a flip! - fetchbeer

02. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

03. Cobralash

Why does Fluttershy have to be so bad at flight? She's always giving us such a fright! - fetchbeer

04. Norque

05. dorkas

It looks like this pony falls for fun, but I wonder how this all begun! - fetchbeer

06. Glaive-Silver

07. TheBigApple

No other pony would so willingly leap, or maybe this is just a dream while she's asleep. - fetchbeer

08. DAbestpony
Keesha's failed attempt to escape the pickle jar the extraordin-airy way.

09. Random Dash

Pinkie Pie is always rowdy, especially on days overcast and cloudy! - fetchbeer

10. GoggleSparks

11. ScuriLevenstein

Some creatures are just can't resist a taunt, but it is a talent you shouldn't flaunt! - fetchbeer

12. hip-indeed

13. Legeden
Not finished just yet

Who can resist a spiral stair, for some no other mystery can compare! - fetchbeer

14. Invidlord

15. SpiritofthwWolf

A plummet through many miles of air, is this danger or dramatic flair? - fetchbeer

16. chriscstick

17. CaptainBoat

Madness is Twilight's middle name, at least while she is surrounded by burning flame. - fetchbeer

18. lordzid

19. TheHazelnutMutt

Instead of dangling by a single rope, I much rather be off the slope! - fetchbeer

20. fiendaffliction

21. GvimBlade

I thought with wings she'd get down quite quick, but maybe flying still makes her sick. - fetchbeer

22. phallen1
This is what happens when your pegasus friend gets tired after flying you around all day.

23. Philith

Trust Applejack to be the one who starts the war, at least the near future won't be a bore. - fetchbeer

24. BrokenHero0409
#4 of my Pink Floyd and Ponies series

25. Delta Pangaea

I don't know how you can climb rocks with hooves, I'll let others make the crazy moves. - fetchbeer

26. ZeldaTheSwordsman

27. A Brony Account

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