Sunday, 31 March 2013

Week 92 Wrap Up

i am camnoty kayboar welml whta is ahppenng wih my hoo0bes

Oh, hey, there we go.  Was having some keyboard issues.  You know how it goes.  I assume, anyway.  Like, we've all been there, right?


Oh goodness, I'm boring you with this talk about my board.  After all, talk of "Hoards and Boards are reserved for Lords and Wards," and all that.

I... don't know what I'm talking about anymore.  Seriously, this has all horribly derailed.  Just like my model trains last month.  Here, I've got pictures of them in this 500 page album, I can get it and show-

Oh, you'd rather just see our bored ponies?  Well, alright then.  But if you want excruciatingly cross-indexed photos of model train derailments, you know where to find me.

01. DAbestpony
Is it Easter yet?

This bunny seems rather bored, has she tired of her eggy hoard? - fetchbeer

02. dorkas

03. Lomeo

Poor Pinkie has become far to bored! But what excitement has she not explored? - fetchbeer

04. ScuriLevenstein

05. GoggleSparks

A muffin drill underground! What treasures has this machine found? - fetchbeer

06. GoggleSparks

07. phallen1
Some ponies won't shut up.

Poor patch has put his date to sleep, I just hope with boredom she didn't weep. ~ Fetchbeer

08. Moones95

09. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

Do horns spin when tails are moved? Or by violence the drywall is removed! ~ fetchbeer

10. Invidlord

11. hip-indeed

A pony rests upon the moon, maybe a lonesome song she should croon! - fetchbeer

12. Mixed Scales
When You look at yourself, do you see what I see? If you do,why the buck are you looking at me!?

13. Mortris

Pinkie is feeling somewhat piggish on this day, and she probably isn't hungry for just hay. ~ fetchbeer

14. ZeldaTheSwordsman

15. Thattagen
Pocky game~

When you share your chocolate treat, there is no reason not to cheat. ~ fetchbeer

16. Philith
Three bored ponies for the price of one.

17. Delta Pangaea

A drill worn upon a hoof? From this creation I'll remain aloof! ~ fetchbeer

18. A Brony Account

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