Sunday, 7 July 2013

Week 106 Wrap Up


Webster's Dictionary defines beards as a hairy or bristly appendage or tuft.  That sounds a bit technical.  Personally, I define a beard as a manifestation of awesome right there upon the face.  Don't believe the shaving-companies lies!  Bushwoolies are not in fact sentient beards that will grow from your face if you don't shave regularly.  Bushwoolies are just a myth!  Right?

The greatest heroes of our age have all had beards.  They didn't call the greatest magic-wielding unicorn in history Starswirl the Clean Shaven, after all.  No.  Nor was he Starswirl the Stubbled.  He was Starswirl the Bearded.  Forever more shall his name be associated with the magnificence of his facial hair.

And you know who else will forever more be tied to magnificent facial hair?  The ponies below, from the most stylish of mustache, to the burliest of beards.  Right then, let's take a look at some ponies, (now with extra bristle).

Right, Night Flurry did the post, so I'mma do all the comments.  Here goes! -Lunar

01. TheCyborgInside
My first ever submission, so please go easy on it! It's just a poor, lost drawing.

Nothing to go easy on!  That's some fine facial hair.

02. Glaive-Silver
Luna with a beard, monocle, and top hat. What could be more fitting?

Luna's rocking the Railroad Tycoon look like a boss.  Indubitably!

03. AaronMk

MOTHER FRIGGIN' DASHURA MAZDA UP INS!  That's a god I can get behind.

04. F00Fdramon

The unfortunate pitfalls of being awesomely beardy.

05. GoggleSparks


06. ScuriLevenstein

Something decidedly sinister is going on, here

07. Cobralash

Best Nightmare Night costume 2011.  Also wow, that was two years ago.  What

08. Zimashi
First thing I've ever submitted here. Let's see if I can keep motivated enough to make more and improve.

I hope you can!  It'd be great to see more from you :)

09. BluestreakFUS


10. dorkas

Impressive!  Gotta get some wax on that thing or something, though!

11. Philith

I knew there was something off about that pony!

12. dmtactical
Pegasi ftw

Haha, this totally reminded me of doing this in the bath with bubbles.

brb, making bubble beard.

13. DAbestpony
Sorry for my "long" absence from the previous wrap-ups. I had to catch up with my studies.

Studies come first!  Twi has shown her support by not shaving, I see.

14. Norque

I imagine this guy being all "NO, NO, MOST IMPROPER, HARUMPH HARUMPH"

15. Pio21

She is Twilight the Grey no longer.  Now, she is Twilight the White.

16. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

Beard makin' you look stern as heck, Twi.

17. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi


18. Blue Wolf
I came up with the idea to make Hercules from Marvel Comics, and then decided to just go all out and do a parody of "The Champions", a 1970's Marvel Comic book. That's Herc in the center with the beard, then you got Ghost Rider, Angel, Black Widow, and Iceman. Based on the cover for the first issue of Champions.

I approve of your superheroes-made-ponies!

19. AmbroseButtercrust
ZZ Carrot Top: Everypony's crazy 'bout a sharp-dressed mare!

Heck yeah, they are.

20. klystron2010

STARSWIRL!  And with a juicebox, no less.  Haven't seen that in ages!

21. AkiroAlpha
beards! Critique and feedback is requested and appreciated!

I have nothing to say at the moment but BEARDS!

22. Invidlord

Hmm, yes, yes. Quite.  Do go on.

23. ZeldaTheSwordsman

Magnificent beard!

Yes, yes. Some fine facial hair this week. Your powers of Beard do not disappoint!  Now go, and by Celestia's Beard, spread the word of fine facial follicles!

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