Sunday, 21 July 2013

Week 108 Wrap Up

Welcome to ATG-Mart!

Attention Shoppers: This week there is a sale on Daffodils, Hay Fries, and Donuts.  Please note the display featuring our product of the month, Marzipan Mascarpone Meringue Madness, and a Buy One Get One free sale on all Cotton Candy Clouds, just mind the Chocolate Milk spill.  Speaking of which, Clean up on Aisle 7.

Attention Shoppers: Please direct your attention to the front of the store, where we have just stocked up on a brand new batch of pony art, fresh today!  These wonderful selections feature ponies shopping, as an aid to help your own shopping in our store, as well as ponies swapping... and not just swapping bits, oh no.  So please, enjoy these ponies engaging in commerce, capitalism, or general swappery.  Bring your purchases up to the front counter before leaving the store, thank you for Shopping at the MLP-ATG, hope to see you next week ^_^

Gallery for Week 81

01. Pio21

I'm surprised that she can still lift her bag, and really that it's not to big to even drag! - fetchbeer

02. OtterMatt

03. Cobralash

The princess seems a little worried, but Rarity's fashion can not be hurried! - fetchbeer

04. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

05. UnlicensedBrony
Applejack's not buying oranges...

I think that all experts would agree, that in your diet you need some vitamin c! - fetchbeer

06. UnlicensedBrony
Almost forgot this one!

07. SemicolonDash
I'm back!...ish.

It takes more than paint to a princess make, without wings it's obvious who's the fake! - fetchbeer

08. fiendaffliction

09. ZeldaTheSwordsman

No mare can resist cute shoes, even if the footwear they will never use. - fetchbeer

10. ScuriLevenstein

11. Bananizen

Don't tell me that all this time she's been buying carrots! I thought she grew those with her own merits! - fetchbeer

12. dorkas

13. GoggleSparks
Original flavor is the best flavor :D

Those little bits of crisp with chocolate infused, by no sane pony can be refused! - fetchbeer

14. Spaceisthelimit

15. Invidlord

At this carrot he looks smugly, did the haggling over price get somewhat ugly? - fetchbeer

16. Philith

17. Thattagen
Still in progress. Celestia and Luna switch destinies before Twilight's musical escapades are over (Magical Mystery Cure)

18. A Brony Account

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