Sunday, 28 July 2013

Week 109 Wrap Up

Here at Rolling Tom Magazine, we pride ourselves on bringing up to date, cutting edge music reviews.  Did you listen to the newest Big Fleetwood Mac album?  Like most modern Blues Stallions, it offers an unaffected quality that sounds natural, more tribute than imitation.  Or what about The Who, an all-Owl rock and roll band.  And of course there's the Queen of Soul herself, Mare-etha Franklin, we've seen them all!

Oh?  It's more of the newer sound you're after?  Like, something made in the last ten years?  Well... err... okay, I'll be honest.  I might not really know anything about anything made in the past ten or twenty years in music.  But listen.  No good music has come out since the seventy's anyway.  No, really.  Really!  Trust me.

Okay, there probably is a lot of good music out there.  Music that all you amazing ponies know about!  And just to prove it, you've displayed a plethora of pony music albums for us to peruse!  So without further ado, let's politely clap for the warm-up band, and start the mane attraction!

Gallery for Week 82

01. fiendaffliction
Sonic Syndicate - Eden Fire

Is that a an apple or a heart she holds? From this I wonder what unfolds! - fetchbeer

02. shadowcross
Album-style art

03. ScuriLevenstein

Scootaloo just loves grunge, but from the clouds she still does plunge! - fetchbeer

04. LinkinshirePony
Imagine Humans

05. AaronMk
Wetmane Night at Joe's Garage. Beware the Central Scrutinizer. After party is at The Closet.

06. TheCyborgWithin
I wish I'd had more time, but this is all I was able to get done. Hope you like it!

07. Random Dash

Tied to rocks with the strongest chains, her white flanks summon dragons as she strains! - fetchbeer

08. Blue Wolf
A parody of the album cover for Rancid: ..and Out Come the Wolves. Black and Red ink pens.

09. Pio21
Pony, album and a cover. Yeah...

This pony uses her own album as a cover, what other jokes will she discover? - fetchbeer

10. midcup

11. Blue Wolf
Another pony album cover parody.. Rob Zombie's Hellbilly Deluxe re-done with Pinkie Pie.

Those pure yellow eyes I just find creepy! Now I will never again be sleepy! - fetchbeer

12. Blue Wolf
Third and last album cover parody.. Twilight Sparkle, "nevermind"

13. Invidlord

14. A Brony Account

15. ZeldaTheSwordsman

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