Sunday, 14 July 2013

Week 107 Wrap Up

There's a Mare who leads a life of danger,
To everypony she meets, she stays a Stranger,
With every Friend she makes, another chance she takes,
Odds are she won't live to see tomorrow.

Secret AGENT Mare,
Secret AGENT Mare,
They've given you a number, and taken away your name!

Beware of smiling faces you may find,
A smiling face could hide a Changeling's mind!
Oh, be careful what you say,
Or you will give yourself away!
Odds are you won't live to see tomorrow.

Secret AGENT Mare,
Secret AGENT Mare,
They've given you a number, and taken away your name!

Touring Canterlot palaces one day,
And then lying in a Manehattan alley next day,
Oh don't you let the wrong words slip,
While paying your contact bits,
Odds are you won't live to see tomorrow.

Secret Agent Mare!

So it seems we have an entire array of Secret Agent ponies out in the world today, let's try and spy a few now, shall we?  Well... don't try too hard.  If you they catch you watching them, well, as the song says: Odds are you won't live to see tomorrow. ;)

Gallery for Week 80

01. Arkenbrony
Something in a style I've never done before for this weeks challenge

Standing there staring at a hoof, is a great way to remain aloof! - fetchbeer

02. Cobralash
A comic :)

03. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

That's one way to case the room, having yourself as your costume! - fetchbeer

04. GoggleSparks

06. TheCyborgWithin
In an alternate universe, Cherilee works to 'educate' the downtrodden about freedom from their oppressors.

This teacher knows how to make a lesson stick, just use a bomb and be quick! - fetchbeer

07. BluestreakFUS

08. dorkas

Assassins never show when they are wanted, and so with boring meetings you are taunted! - fetchbeer

09. MrJuneWolf

10. Hazzdawg
I knew it.

Everything has something they wish to hide, so even a pony fish I cannot deride! - fetchbeer

11. ScuriLevenstein

12. phallen1
Pinkie Snake making her escape from enemy territory.

So that's what her cutie mark is for, a good escape plan you cannot ignore! - fetchbeer

13. AaronMk
"Did you forget about ME!"

14. Pio21

For business is she running late? Because meetings just make some irate! - fetchbeer

15. Dullapony

16. Blue Wolf
This week was "Spy" so I did "It's About Time" Twilight, Pinkie Spy, and Metal Gear mash up.

Why is your advice so useless Pinkie Pie, it's not like it's even dark nearby! - fetchbeer

17. Bananizen
Marvels Black widow

18. OtterMatt

Hiding with your ill got swag, just hope you don't lose the bag! - fetchbeer

19. BrokenHero0409
Grr baby, very grr.

20. UnlicensedBrony

Staring at a pony from far away, watching always whether at work or play. - fetchbeer

21. ZeldaTheSwordsman

22. Invidlord
Dusky Down, doing some Stealth Reconnaissance.

How does her mane manage to stay pointing that way? Does she just use an entire can of hair spray? - fetchbeer

23. Philith
Spoiler alert: The spy is you.

24. Qebehsenuef
I never really was on your side...

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