Sunday, 22 September 2013

Week 117 Wrap Up

In the cold north, a shadow stirs.  A dark presence stretches across Equestria (no, not King Sombra)... it's powerful dark magics have leeched into the land itself, and have found purchase in the soils where we have laid to rest those who have already passed on.  The Lich Pony's terrifying grasp has them now, and the army he is raising will destroy the world, unless our greatest heroes can march north and destroy his power... wait... no... that's a video game.

No, these undead are far less organized, but in some cases, no less deadly.  From the lone ghoul raised by mistake, to the (surprisingly) coordinated back-up dancers, the dead walk.  The creatures of your nightmares (no, not Nightmare Moon) who march upon the world.  What was merely the realm of horror movies before is now reality, and the hordes march on, leaving dread and chaos (no, not Discord) in their wake.

But the time has come, to face your fears.  To stare death in its empty eyes and know that you can overcome it.  To know that the world may change (no, not Chrysalis), but ponies will prevail!  Let's take a look at the first-hoof evidence presented by our brave artists who dared confront the horrors of the trotting dead!

01. OtterMatt
The hit show of the season, 5AM's "The Trotting Dead!"

Beware before you take drastic measures, for your parents may not yet of tasted coffee's pleasures. - fetchbeer

02. Pocket Sized
Struck with the dreaded con plague after last weekend's anime convention. Not really the trotting, but feels like death!

03. Scarlet Twinkle

With your faithful friends at your side, that evil horde you'll turn aside. - fetchbeer

04. stuhp
First submission~

05. ScuriLevenstein

These ponies trot around a skull, surely Ponyville is now less dull. - fetchbeer

07. Prynnie
~Just when she thought it couldn't get ANY weirder Scootaloo is being visited from the beyond by Toola Roola..

08. dorkas

Make sure you have enough old boards, before you have to stop the undead hordes. - fetchbeer

09. David Lockwood

10. Blue Wolf
Unoriginal title is unoriginal. Bought some new Lyra colored Copic markers so tested them out on this theme! :D

Watch out for their snapping jaws, for who knows who that pony was... -fetchbeer

11. Rad-man
Submission form says I'm late, DA page says I have 6 hours. Huh. I'll have to be a day quicker next time?

12. dredaich

A skeletal horse with a giant sword, this monster surely will not be ignored. - fetchbeer

13. Abyssal Emissary
I have no idea what's going on... At least Pinkie is having fun.

14. Philith
And then it's going to eat me. Oh my GoOoOoOoOd.

I don't trust just a chain to hold, but I'm not known for being bold. - fetchbeer

15. Invidlord

16. MalWinters
(Just a tad past de-upload a smaller version save, didn't know the size limitation :x)

18. ZeldaTheSwordsman
ARGH! First eraser tears then the scanner not reading some of the inked lines then the browser lagging and crashing X.X

19. ABronyAccount

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