Sunday, 1 September 2013

Week 114 Wrap Up

Mmmmmm... delicious, delicious shakes.  Mix ice cream with milk, blend, and enjoy!  Nothing can cool you down faster on a hot summer day!  And so many different flavors!  Any flavor you ca-wait, not that kind of shake?  Well then what kind of shake are you talking about?

I know my favorite type of shaking, and that involves Dice.  Of course, you can shake a bottle of ketchup too.  Or shake a snowglobe.  Etch-a-sketches need shaken to clear the board.  I was going to make a harlem shake reference too, but then I realized I don't know what that is.  And joking about shaking a small child is probably right out.

So what kind of shaking are we talking about?  I'll tell you what kind.  Pony's shaking.  Seems obvious now.  Shaking ponies, dancing ponies, ponies just having a good time.  Or maybe quivering with fear, rage, anticipation, and too much caffeine.  Ponies just love to shake!  So, let's say we give the ol' art tree a big shake and see what comes out.  Hopefully not any bees.  (Animal Crossing reference, eh?  Eh? See, I'm hip and cool with the youngsters, right?)

Gallery for Week 87

01. ScuriLevenstein

When diminutive pink elephants surround you, it may just be time to lay off the brew! - fetchbeer

02. GoggleSparks

When attacked by a dreamed up troll, I want more protection than a salad bowl. - fetchbeer

03. Pio21

Don't give this pony to much cola, to bad she isn't satisfied with granola. - fetchbeer

04. Invidlord
Trouble is not to be hang-dried. She is to be shake-dried only.

You've got me all soaking wet, and this I will not soon forget. - fetchbeer

05. Philith

If you make a drink of a giant size, you may attract a certain pony instead of flies. - fetchbeer

06. Jezendar
A spiny, mutated parasprite is not a good thing to wake up to...

Try not to sleep without a tent, unless you enjoy a morning torment. - fetchbeer

07. A Brony Account
Oh hey, a bit!

08. Acceleron

09. ZeldaTheSwordsman

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