Sunday, 8 September 2013

Week 115 Wrap Up

The time has come to once more draw in our bountiful harvest.  Every week, we plant the seeds of an idea, a simple little theme, and hope that it takes hold.  A little love, a little time, and more than a little sweat and toil, and these seeds begin to grow into ripe ideas, fresh thoughts, and inspiring images.  So now, we return to the fertile fields of imagination and reap the rewards, a glorious yield of ponies farming, harvesting, preparing for the Autumn months to come.  Hard months for some, but with the preparations we've made, we can weather any season!

Or perhaps the reaping is of another kind... a dark taking. Cutting down what once stood tall and proud, and which shall soon lie fallow.  Ponies tell tales of a figure walking through the fields at night with a long scythe, a sharp hoof at the end of a long bony limb that knocks upon your door when it is time to trot into the next world, his mouth open to swallow Luna's stars during the day.  ...or maybe that's just an old mare's tale.

Instead, let's walk through the fields, bask in the spoils of another week gone by and the hard work put forth to create this wonderful crop of Productive produce planting Ponies and powerful phantasms procuring ponies who've passed on.

Gallery for Week 88

01. BluestreakFUS

That scythe looks far too keen, and I think that pony may want my spleen... - fetchbeer

02. TheCyborgWithin
How I wish I could just draw all day to practice, but alas I have only this to show for my efforts.

03. Cobralash

This pony takes his load to sell on market day, lets hope the cart does not go astray! - fetchbeer

04. Jdan-S

05. ScuriLevenstein

I think some pony here is just too tense, but to translate the rest am too dense. - fetchbeer

06. Pio21

No pony should be that happy with that implement, and about that look I feel ambivalent... - fetchbeer

07. F00Fdramon
A creative interpretation of this week's theme.

08. Philith

A tiny metal menace pesters this orange pony, maybe it just wants macaroni? - fetchbeer

09. Invidlord
"You can count on me to help reap what you've sown."

10. Jezendar
Nocturne finds a harvest of food at a long-abandoned shop.

11. ZeldaTheSwordsman

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