Sunday, 5 January 2014

Week 132 Wrap Up

The day is done 
The sun is down 
The curtains have been drawn 
And darkness has descended over everything in town 
The covers have been turned and I've got my pajamas on 
I've had my fun I've stretched and yawned 
and all is said and done 
I'm going to bed 
Bed bed bed bed bed

Shhh... hear that?  That's the sound of everypony snuggling up in bed.  That adorable little squee as they toasty and warm, a pleasant winter storm just outside while they cuddle up next to a roaring hearth.  Idling the time away alone, or curling up with their loved ones. 

As snug as a bug in a rug, or so they say.  Although, let's get critical for a moment.  How snug, exactly, can a bug in a rug be?  What kind of rug is it?   And would the bug's position really be described as 'snug'?  What is the definition of 'snug' in this case anyways?  And transitively, knowing there is a bug in the rug, can anypony else really be able to get snug?  I'd say that the bugs days are numbered.... that bug better not get smug, you'd think that rug was some kind of drug.  But with a simple tug, that bug may find it's position unplugged.

Enough vamping.  We know why we're here!  And it has precious little to do with bugs, and more to do with hugs!  Yes, that was a long stretch to get to that particular rhythm, but I think its worth it.  And what's also worth it is the wonderful ponies pictured below, each lovingly as snug as a pony in a blanket.  It doesn't rhythm as well as the bug analogy.  But it is far cuter.

Let's take a look at these adorable bundled up ponies, and take a moment to d'aww at last weeks gallery:

01. DanTR
Gosh, those butterflies on the blanket have taken my precious time in an unnatural way xD

Under a blankets covered by bugs, I hope she sleeps nice and snug. ~ fetchbeer

02. ScuriLevenstein

03. Kuto

So nice and warm cuddled together, they could sleep like this forever. ~ fetchbeer
04. Cobralash


05. HalflingPony
Some fights can just get out of hand, especially with speakers that cost a grand. ~ fetchbeer
06. Abyssal Emissary
After her bat hair day last week she just enjoys the warm cuddly blanket.
07. Glaive-Silver

Some ponies can sleep anywhere, and to cover them is just fair. ~ fetchbeer

08. F00Fdramon

09. Toadstooliv
A blatant attempt at sheer uncontrollable adorableness
Floating on a cloud so far up, she makes an adorable little pup. ~ fetchbeer
10. dredaich

11. Rough Sketch

Sharing a blanket and a nuzzle, they fit together like a puzzle. ~ fetchbeer
12. AaronMk
You can think of it as an ode to current situations.
13. ZeldaTheSwordsman
I'm ba-ack!
14. GeminiShadows

15. A Brony Account

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