Sunday, 12 January 2014

Week 133 Wrap Up

They say there's nothing better than a nice warm shower to get you up and ready for the day!  I disagree.  Personally, I'd rather sleep in.  I guess I'm just stuck on the previous theme.  I'll just curl up in this blanket and *yawn*... just... 15 more minutes, I swear.


Ugh.  Well, I guess I have to get up sometime, eh?  Fine.  But I won't be happy about it.  I will begrudgingly take that morning shower and head out and behave like a normal member of society for now.  The morning shower is the worst, just going to say that now.

If you want a compelling argument for me, it'd be the evening shower.  The one that comes before you curl up in bed and gently fall asleep.  That feeling of clean body and clean mind.  Clean sheets too.  If you can manage that, you have a little bit of heaven.  Hmm... I'm noticing a pattern here.  Maybe I'm too focused on sleep.

But these ponies aren't too focused on sleep to let themselves neglect their personal grooming!  They are showered, soaked, soaped, scrubbed, and shining!  This, mares and gentle colts, is how you get a clean pony:

Step 1 : Place pony in shower or tub of your choice.  (Tub of Jelly is optional, however, much less-conducive towards Cleaning said pony)
Step 2 : Add water.
Step 3 : Observe Wet-maned Pony.
Step 4 : Draw the outcome.

Now then, with those 4 simple steps in mind, lets take a look at the results below, in this week's spick-and-span gallery.

01. Kuto

In showers you can have good clean fun, though it can be overdone! ~ fetchbeer

02. NoMusic33

03. Cobralash

Those hats are handy to protect your mane, though about wet tails they'll still complain. ~ fetchbeer

04. DanTR
Detailing is serious business, along with shading; let's just say that this drawing showed me something important: You can't take a bath without a soap, and you can't also shade your drawings without details.

05. Toadstooliv
Rarity will not be happy with what has happened in her bathroom

A small flood these fillies made, and of wrath they shpuld be afraid. ~ fetchbeer

06. ScuriLevenstein

07. Silverwisp

Does Dash's debauchery know no end? For that much booze she needs a friend. ~ fetchbeer

08. dredaich

09. AaronMk
Meanwhile in a dismal post-Apocalypse shower...

A fight in the pouring rain, couldn't they be more humane? ~ fetchbeer

10. ZeldaTheSwordsman

11. HalflingPony

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