Sunday, 19 January 2014

Week 134 Wrap Up

Change can be a good thing. It can bring about new opportunities to grow and transform ourselves, and to become better than what we are now. But it can also bring further hardships upon those who experience it, especially when the change is a physical one. But one things that hasn't changed is the continued presence of artwork within this blog. People continue to send in their creations to be shown here, as they have done since the beginning, even as the themes themselves change with every week. So, it's time to bring this conversation to a close and check out what's been created. Everypony, transform and roll out!

01. K4nK4n (a.k.a. Applestack)
Applestack jumps through the magical mirror (from the "Equestria Girls" movie) and reappears on the other side as a titanis walleri, or terror bird. Now, I know terror birds eat horses but so do gryphons/griffins, and yet you see gryphons/griffins living peacefully with ponies in Equestria. So why can't Applestack be a terror bird in another world?

A pony turning into a giant bird? Though I guess of weirder things I have heard. ~ fetchbeer

02. poneshibe

03. Viator
No idea what Rarity is doing there.

That pony's glares is so very sharp, she may even turn you into a carp. ~ fetchbeer

04. ScuriLevenstein

05. Cobralash

How will spike fair as a clumsy colt? Will he like it or just revolt? ~ fetchbeer

06. Frostspear

07. Mortris

What is this creature with so many legs and wings? It reminds me of so many frightening things! ~ fetchbeer

08. chriscstick

09. Silverwisp
Humanization counts as transforming right?

Not just anyone can run the flag, it's not just a silly rag! ~ fetchbeer

10. toadstooliv
not finished, but a pony transforming into a wolf, he is crying becasue he knows the wolf will harm all he cares about

11. dredaich

Things aren't quite how I recall, was Twilight always quite that tall? ~ fetchbeer

12. Kuto

13. ZeldaTheSwordsman
He's a pony transformed from something, so...

14. HalflingPony
Pinkie to Surprise TF

15. GeminiShadows

16. A Brony Account

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