Sunday, 26 January 2014

Week 135 Wrap Up

It was another one of those nights.  You know the kind.  Rainy, with that low hanging fog that seemed to pervade everything.  You didn't much see the moon much on a night like this.  And everypony who was out about town was out looking for trouble.  You could feel it in the way they glanced at you.  It was another Weekly art Wrap-Up night.

I'd hoped I could wait it out.  Hoped that this week, it'd be different.  Of course, things being different doesn't put hay on the table.  Stallion's gotta pay his bills.  And as I tried to flip through one of my open casefiles, wouldn't you know it, but that's when She walked in my office.  She strode in like she owned the place.  And before I could object, the satchel of bits that hit my desk made a noise that told me she probably could own it if she wanted.  A noise like that can sway a stallion's mind, even when his heart tells him that this mare is just after no good.

"They say you're the best.  I need you to find something for me."  Her dark blue mane and black coat shimmered like a gal who never needed to worry about where her next brushie was coming from.

"Lady, if you're throwing that much coin around, I doubt there's anything I can find that you can't get ahoof of yourself."

She smirked, "Not these." She opened up a manilla folder she'd had tucked under her wing.  My eyes were drawn to the images inside.  This mare was definitely trouble.  But I smiled just a bit as I scanned these images, starting to suspect that she was my kind of trouble.

"You've got good taste, it seems.  Alright Mrs, you've got yourself a deal." And with that, I'd cast my fate.  I was in for one hell of a night.  And for one hell of a Wrap up.

01. ArkenBrony

Such a dapper pony in that suit, does he ask questions or just shoot? - fetchbeer

02. LionCrossing

03. Scyphi

A bottle so close at hoof, even drinking he remains aloof. - fetchbeer

04. ScuriLevenstein

05. LiiinaDesu

Checking the blinds for a new case, of which there is no trace. - fetchbeer

06. Frostspear

07. Philith

To some dames you just can't say no, even if the payment you must forgo. - fetchbeer

08. Silverwisp
Can you dig it?

09. HalflingPony

Some mares just always lose their jewels, but it's not good to call them fools. - fetchbeer

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