Sunday, 10 August 2014

Week 163 Wrap Up

Ah, the wonders of fan conventions!  So many events and panels to attend.  So many guest speakers to get autographs from.  So many costumed visitors to see, and perhaps photograph.  So many vendor stalls to browse through, and merchandise to purchase.  So much overpriced con food to consume.  So many lines to stand in.  So many ball pits to spend an extra hour in...

I think I'm getting off-track here.

Nonetheless, conventions are a great social gathering, allowing people to meet online friends in person, potentially make new friends, and just spend time in the company of other people who share their interests.  Much like the ponies seen here:

Gallery for Week 136

01. ScuriLevenstein

The ends of lines are hard to find, but you'd only miss this one if you're blind! - fetchbeer

02. dredaich

Waving at her friends both old and new, though it's hard to say adieu. - fetchbeer

03. Tokamak
Princess Luna enjoys a bit of cosplay as much as the next pony.

Even princesses appreciate hard work, though this probably drives fanboys berserk. - fetchbeer

04. hip-indeed

No other pony likes rocks as much, though some may say she's out of touch. - fetchbeer

05. AmbroseButtercrust
And yet another meaning of con...

Was it an art crime that she committed? Or did she just want to see if this outfit fitted? - fetchbeer

06. A Brony Account
He takes his milk shaken, not stirred.

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