Sunday, 24 August 2014

Week 165 Wrap Up

Pony pulls the wagon. It's a mantra that has defined a generation. But these days, ponies have become much more versatile, capable of pulling all sorts of things. They can pull carriages, they can pull levers, they can pull ropes in a tug of war competition, and sometimes some unfortunate ponies can even pull a muscle. Back in the old day before steam locomotion, ponies would pull the trains. And you could be sure they were always on time.

Drawing isn't like pulling teeth you know. Sometimes, you can pull a fast one on yourself and think it's time to pull the plug, when in fact, it's time to stop pulling punches and pull up stakes. So pull yourselves together, this is no time to pull the wool over you eyes! Start pulling strings, pull rank, and pull out all the stops!

Wow, With all this pulling going on, you'd imagine ponies can get plum tired out. Maybe we should take a quick break, get a pull of cider, and take a load off.

Oh wait.

This door says Push. Nevermind then.

01. Cobralash

These two look so peaceful in the snow, as the cold makes their cheeks glow. - fetchbeer

02. Tokamak
Punch pulling a perfect pint! Of cider, we assume, though peary would be more alliterative. If you're in an area where the term is not used, "pulling a pint" refers to the motion a barman makes when they pull the lever that lets them dispense beer or another beverage into a glass, as Berry Punch is doing in the picture.

Cider is such a refreshing drink, though too much makes it hard to think. - fetchbeer

03. ScuriLevenstein

She must go shopping often for all her pets, and they must get annoyed if she forgets. - fetchbeer

04. dredaich

Looks like he's having fun with his plow, no field will remain unfarmed now! - fetchbeer

05. Scyphi

A spoonerism is even worse than a pun, you really should just run! - fetchbeer

06. hip-indeed

Does anyone really like this poor veggie, or would they rather give this pony a wedgie? - fetchbeer

07. Silverwisp

Nothing is worse than a slacker where you work, letting you pull their weight while they shirk. - fetchbeer

08. HalflingPony

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