Sunday, 31 August 2014

Week 166 Wrap Up

The lunatic is on the grass.
The lunatic is on the grass.
Remembering games and daisy chains and laughs.
Got to keep the loonies on the path.

What a crazy week it's been.  Several lunatics managed to escape from the Ponyville Hospital, resulting in chaos throughout town.  Fortunately, no real harm was done, though apparently the local squirrel population has been complaining about getting chased up trees by a barking pony.

But then, there's always something crazy going on in this town.  Every day seems to bring some new form of insanity: odd forest animals, strange bug infestations, traveling party planners, dangerous forest animals,  powerful evil entities, giant dangerous forest animals...

Sometimes I wonder how the townsponies even manages to remain sane at all.

Fortunately, the local newsponies are ever ready to document this lunacy for the Ponyville Express, and some of their photos can be seen here.  Warning:  May not be for the faint of heart, or the sane of mind!

Gallery for Week 139

01. nunitko
Mad pony Pinkamena :D

02. ArtemaSunset
Submition to the theme "Mad Ponies"

It looks like you submitted the wrong picture to the blog, considering that your link goes to a different picture. Of course, Flandre is more than a little insane, so this pic still fits the theme quite well.

03. ScuriLevenstein

Upon Bon Bon's space she does infringe, with a smile that would make one cringe.

04. Molecular-Structure
Be careful. . .

05. Hotep Forgefer
Mad Dash :)

War. War never changes. Wait, wrong post-apocalyptic universe...

06. AkiroAlpha

I do hope he won't be late, for his very important date.

07. Bulbamario
LUNAcy. ;)

08. hip-indeed

09. HalflingPony
You said you wanted a M.A.D. pony, right?

10. AaronMk
"You start thinking too much about morality... That's insane..." Additional context in original description.

Maintaining one's sanity in an ongoing warzone is not easy. And that seems particularly true in the morally ambiguous Farcry universe.

11. dredaich

12. The Laughing Horror
Pinkie or Pinkamena

Her skills in the lab were a source of pride, but the results are something she must now Hyde.

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  1. What in the name of Gensokyo is Flandre doing here? D: It was supposed to be her:

    Oh, well... Derp Brian is derp...