Sunday, 21 September 2014

Week 169 Wrap Up

Caring about others is a central theme to the world of ponies. Princess Celestia herself cares about her fellow ponies so much, that she will go to great lengths to protect them. This caring was put to the test when her own sister was corrupted into Nightmare Moon, and put all of ponydom in danger by attempting to create eternal night. Fortunately, Celestia found a way to defeat Nightmare Moon without actually killing her, by magically binding her within the moon itself. This saved everypony else from the food-shortages that eternal night would bring, while also allowing Celestia to eventually reunite with the sister she cared so deeply for.

Of course, Princess Celestia isn't the only pony that deeply cares for others. Both Princess Cadance and Fluttershy have shown a lot of caring and affection for ponies in general, as have the generous Rarity and smile-loving Pinkie Pie. Even those who are often a bit self-absorbed *cough, Rainbow Dash, cough* often end up being sensitive to the needs of their friends.

But I think I've rattled on about this long enough; wouldn't want to talk off a person's (or pony's) sensitive ears after all. So instead, I shall now direct you to the pictures that our wonderful, caring artists have created this week:

Gallery for Week 142

01. Cobralash

An entire bathtub full of fishes? At least it leaves the sink free for the dishes. - fetchbeer

02. Bulbamario
Very caring.

Friends are there for you while you're down, no matter how long it takes to remove your frown. - fetchbeer

03. Molecular-Structure
Oh Fluttershy.

A heart open wide can cause much pain, and sometimes you just can't stand the strain. - fetchbeer

04. ScuriLevenstein

Mattresses should not fill the sky, bedding should never fly! - fetchbeer

05. dredaich

Sisters should share a caring hug, it leaves them both feeling warm and snug. - fetchbeer

06. HalflingPony
C'mere Sugarcube

07. A Brony Account

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