Sunday, 28 September 2014

Week 170 Wrap Up

Alright everypony, listen up! It's time to put out an all-points bulletin, because several criminals have broken out of the Ponyville jail. That's right, ponies, we've got a number of escapees on the loose! Flathoof, get the officers downstairs out on the street, and start searching for the escapees! Whirly Bird, go get Silver Eagle, then fly up above the town and keep an eye out for a reported escapee in a hot air balloon. Chevron, call Sheriff Silverstar in Appleloosa and inform him of the escaped cattle rustlers who may be heading his way, so he can warn the cattle. And Copper Casing, go check out the river next to town. And do it carefully, there's been a report of an escapee heading down the river on the back of a shark... with eye beams. I know it sounds crazy, but we all thought that old 'bugs turning into ponies' report was crazy too.

Oh, and we've got images of some of the escapees, which will be invaluable in recapturing them. Show these around to the townsponies, and we should have these miscreants back in jail in no time!

01. Cobralash

Flying through the orange trees, just floating with the autumn breeze. - fetchbeer

02. dredaich

What did this pony do to anger bees? Was it just an errant sneeze? - fetchbeer

03. ScuriLevenstein

What evil person put lasers on a shark? At least they didn't make it bark. - fetchbeer

04. Mixed Scales

Fly too high and you'll melt your wings, and then you'll crash down into things. - fetchbeer

05. HalflingPony
Escape Attempt (animation test)

Grinding iron bars with a small file, definitely will take a while. - fetchbeer

06. AkiroAlpha
critique and feedback is requested and appreciated!

You can't escape from your own shadow, not even by running to Colorado. - fetchbeer

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