Sunday, 7 September 2014

Week 167 Wrap Up

It seems that our study week has come to an end. I hope everyone used their time sensibly, because that time is up! It is now time to... to uhh... What were we preparing for again?


Well, at any rate, this was a week for smart and/or sensible things. Whether you were studying for exam, doing scientific research, preparing for future difficulties, or simply being the stable rock that your friends and family can lean on, I'm sure this time was used wisely. Just like it was by these ponies:

Gallery for Week 140

01. ScuriLevenstein

Some twitchings never fail to inform, especially of a coming pony storm. - fetchbeer

02. hip-indeed

Why is she so embarrassed to be reading a book? It could be just on how to cook. - fetchbeer

03. Scarlet Twinkle

What goes on beyond this door? Is it some kind of science horror? - fetchbeer

04. AaronMk

What kind of thing have they unleashed? And how long till we are all deceased? - fetchbeer

05. dredaich

So sleepy from too many books, but at least it keeps them safe from crooks. - fetchbeer

06. HalflingPony
Smart Dresser

She has a really good taste in hats, but does she have matching spats? - fetchbeer

07. AkiroAlpha
critique and feedback is always welcome and appreciated.

Books contain such wonderful things, but can those formulas give you wings? - fetchbeer

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