Sunday, 2 August 2015

Week 214 Wrap Up

Here now, what's all this then? What are all these ponies doing here, running about like some great Caucus Race. Why, it's enough to drive a pony completely batty! Seriously, who's responsible for this ruckus, a dodo?

Actually, I probably shouldn't say such things. In this magical world, dodos could very well still be alive. And sentient.

But yes, there's so much racing around going on here that it's a wonder we've not all been engulfed by a giant dust cloud by now. It has been known to happen after all, especially during the Running of the Leaves and similar long races. So, let's take a gander at the pictures produces this past week, while we still can!

And yes, Pinkie, I'm certain that this is a ruckus and not a fracas.

Gallery for Week 187

01. Speedy526745

Running so fast you leave a shock wave, just don't do it in a cave. - fetchbeer

02. pony-x

This criminal has gone to far, though her pyromania is a little bizarre. - fetchbeer

03. Dredaich

Always dashing as fast as she can, it seems like running is her plan. - fetchbeer

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