Sunday, 16 August 2015

Week 216 Wrap Up

Alright, everypony. It's time for the Cosplay Photoshoot. Make sure your costumes are all set and that you're ready to go; we don't want somepony to lose their pants on stage! Again...

So many wonderful costumes on display this time around, I see. And such variety as well! Video game heroes, literary characters, armored ponies, fursuits... everypony has really outdone themselves! Just be careful with the prop weapons, for those of you who brought them. Last year, somepony managed to accidentally sever another pony's belt with their supposedly blunt sword. Like I said, we don't want anypony losing their pants on stage again. Or worse.

But I'm probably worrying too much, so I think it's time to step aside and let the photographing commence!

Gallery for Week 189

01. Cobralash

The golden snitch is not a pet, even if it does sing a nice duet. - fetchbeer

02. Speedy526745

Some clothing brings special power, though most prefer the fire flower. - fetchbeer

03. pony-x

She's made a rather snazzy jacket, though is colors are quite a racket. - fetchbeer

04. Dredaich

Magic is handy for hefting swords, which may earn you royal rewards. - fetchbeer

05. HalflingPony
The Lone Range Mare and Pronto

Do they ride themselves into danger? Or just mosey in as a stranger? - fetchbeer

06. Jezendar

Always dressing as another, though too much clothing may make him smother. - fetchbeer

07. Scuri Levenstein

She must be some kind of pop star idol, though she lacks a proper bridle. - fetchbeer

08. Philith

Dreaming of giant handy monsters, just makes others think you bonkers. - fetchbeer

09. Vaser888

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