Sunday, 9 August 2015

Week 215 Wrap Up

Ah, so you've come to join our party. Awesome! come on in, you're gonna wub it!

... Yes, I did go for the blatantly obvious joke already. I've been at BronyCon all weekend, and thus didn't exactly get a lot of sleep. But it was so much fun! Great panels, great staff, great costumes on display, and of course, great music! DJ Pon3 would readily approve!

At any rate, I'll need to keep it short this week, as I gotta keep an eye on things here. Parties can get out of hoof right fast if you don't have somepony monitoring the chaotic event. Feel free to go hit the dance floor, like the ponies below are doing. The more the merrier, after all!

Gallery for Week 188

01. Speedy526745

Falling between a couple letters, most just squeeze into comfy sweaters. - fetchbeer

02. cobralash

Dancing about with fluffy things, wrapping poles in shiny strings. - fetchbeer

03. pony-x

Strumming a well remembered tune, though she doesn't sing so much as croon. - fetchbeer

04. Dredaich

Dance like no one can see you flail, through frenetic movement you may prevail. - fetchbeer

05. hip-indeed
hi i'm back after... a lot of weeks lmao

Never admit to what you did while young, best to leave those scenes unsung. - fetchbeer

06. HalflingPony
At the Ball

Dancing secretly at the masquerade, while the band strummed and played. - fetchbeer

07. Vaser888

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